7 Powerful Ways to Market Your Business on a Limited Budget

If you are running a small business and have a limited budget, you might find it tough to compete with the big budgets companies. These days there are separate marketing plans for various social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. Big companies might have high budgets and additional money to spend over the different marketing campaigns but for a small or medium business owner, they need a proper predefined approach to get maximum reach out of small ad spend budget which is only possible by those agencies like https://commonthreadco.com/pages/facebook-ads-agency or individuals who already experimented and knows the best possible ad run solution. So it’s always good to outsource your social media marketing works to agencies or freelancers with experience. Also, let’s see several other cost-effective ways that you can market the business. Let us look at some of them here.

1. Build strong relationships

It will be less costly to keep your customer than get the new one every time. For this reason, establishing relationships with the customer base is very important. The best way you may do this is by staying in touch with the people via email marketing. You can ask your customers for an email address whenever they come to your store and website. After that, make the communications informative, professional, and helpful — something that your customers may look forward to having.

2. Make use of hashtags!

The next free marketing way that will widen your reach will be including hashtags in the social media posts—it can be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and even LinkedIn. Broad and trending hashtags will help you to reinforce your company identity, and must not be the only hashtag that you use. Specific hashtags (long-tail phrases) are really good for when you are offering resources and advice. The location-based hashtags will be a must if you are a local business. Do not forget the custom hashtags and apply the mix of the hashtag in the posts so that they will reach people for whom they’re meant.

3. Take benefit of referral programs

If a business adds a good number of well-wishers to the list, they have higher chances of success. It is where the referral programs will do wonders in a real sense as the brands will use them to increase sales very easily. With these programs, brands will enter in agreement with the influential people in the social platform or real-world and marker their business to have monetary gains.

4. Give coupons and giveaways

Coupons are the best way for a lot of businesses to attract customers. As per the research, people can go out of the way to use the coupon and proving that such a method is highly successful in reaching your customer base. Also, coupons can generate return visits like, if you give your customer a coupon for the discount that can be used on the future business, there is a probability they will be back.

5. Generate valuable content 

Not just do your potential customers love reading good content, but even Google does and will help with the SEO as well as give you quality content to share over social platforms that will drive traffic on your site. There’re different types of content to share your information like videos, Blogs, infographics, visual images, articles, and more. Not just does creating your content make you an expert in the field, but also enables you to get good traffic from the searches & social media shares for free. The best method to get your brand there is to do a guest podcast or blog on the relevant website.

6. Develop a proper email marketing plan

To get new customers email marketing has proved to be the best way with your business, and maintain strong relationships with your customers. Though email marketing is not new, still it is a highly reliable way of achieving a strong return on marketing investment.

7. Use media for the free coverage

When you allow your business to get featured by media, you may capture the media’s attention, just by letting them cover your event. However, your event needs to be something creative for the media to accept your invitation. You can consider creating some publicity stunt, or do something for the community, sponsor any event or send out the press release, and nominate yourself for the business contest and award. So, these are some great ways that will prove highly helpful to draw media awareness!

Final Words

When on a limited budget to market your business it does not mean to skimp on high-impact strategies used by the larger businesses; it means taking the smart & targeted approach to various activities that you are sure will deliver great results in a long run. Social media, email marketing are scaled easily to the small business capabilities and needs.