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+1-855-205-4253 Microsoft edge, one of the most popular and reliable web browsers in the developing World nowadays, has gained too much importance for its best network performances. When you are talking about the speed and quality, this provides faster video streaming and file downloads, along with enhanced performances. This is used widely as the default web browser of Windows 10.

Microsoft Edge Customer service

Despite all the positivity, you may have faced some troubles relating technical issues while using this specific web browser. Some common errors are there, which you may face, are included in the following,

  • Automatic downloads are prevented
  • Update freezes the PC
  • DVDs cannot be played
  • Printer does not work properly
  • Virtual memory gets slower
  • Wrong apps are opening
  • Lost storages

There must be more technical errors which always need the technical assistance. We have been developed as the most reputed customer care and solution providers, by providing the best help to our clients. Our entire customer support team with lots of qualified professionals is always ready to help you and resolves all of your queries. So, just explain the specific trouble, you are facing, clearly to our experts, without any hesitation for getting the best assistance.


Edge is running slow:

This is the most common error that you may face, that the page is not loading. Initially what you have to do is, ‘check your internet connection’ and also check the hard drive for finding errors. If it does not work, call our customer support team for further queries.

Videos are not working on the Edge:

You may observe this in many cases due to the breakdown of communication between the graphics card and the Microsoft Edge. You can also try the below step,

Go to the ‘Control Panel’> Internet options> Advanced > tick on ‘Use software rendering instead of GPU rendering’

If you see nothing works properly, just don’t panic, call our customer support team directly by phone calls, messages or via email.

Automatic downloads are prevented:

When this tendency of Microsoft Edge occurs, it may create annoyances. This is happened due to the presence of malicious software and hampers other software, applications, and storages.

If you are not able to resolve this problem anymore, just call our customer support team immediately for instant help.

Update freezes the PC:

You may face this problem several times that whenever you need to update your OS, it freezes your PC. Try the below steps, which might solve this issue.

  • Use the recovery console
  • Use the ‘Settings’ app, mainly from the safe mode

If you see that this does not resolve the issue, just make a call to our customer support team.


There may be several other problems, and when you will start using this, you may have come across these things. Our most experienced and qualified professionals are always here to help you out with any kinds of problems.

Our technical support team is also here, so if you notice any technical trouble on your Microsoft Edge, just don’t hesitate to make a call. We are available 24*7 for your assistance. We will be glad to sort you out of problems.

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