About Us

If you have tried a support or customer service number of your device’s company then I am sure being kept on on the line waiting for a human being to take your queries is an experience, almost everyone has had. This is where our company has formed the brainchild of bridging all these issues under one roof.

Imagine not having to wait for a customer care service to take your call. Imagine getting prompt, efficient and immediate solutions to all your tech queries on one call. Babasupport.net is a free and user maintained directory for tech support numbers of all your favorite companies like Apple, Windows and even all your tech devices.

Bring all your device and software related issues to us because we have firmly put together a large directory of companies, their customer care numbers, numbers to different departments, e-mail support and to add to that we have kept the comment section free for users to share their experiences and suggestions.

This is our effort to bring to your global quality tech solutions all under one roof without having put in the effort. Our esteemed engineers and tech support teams have been designed to speak the client’s language so we can deliver you a customized state of the art solution immediately. As a company, we do not believe in moving ahead alone, but with our employees and our esteemed clientele base, together.

We cover a wide range of industries in tech, starting from Operating Systems, Routers, Modems, Printers, Applications etc. We have put together a team that is not just highly skilled in these industries but also have managed to maintain a reputation for prompt service. For clients, just call our toll-free number and avail the best in the industry in terms of tech solutions, and for users and manufacturers in the infrastructure, feel free to list yourself with us. Because our whole goal is to bridge the distance between the companies and its users, making this website one the leading in such an initiative.

No problem is too small or too big for us, because even if its a password reset issue or a blocked account, or a device hardware and software issue, immediate and efficient solutions are now a phone call away. Our service providers are on the line for 24X7, 365 days a year. Holidays are for you, while your problems our for us to solve, and that is the motto behind our mission to succeed.

We have gained a respectable about of pace with users from the United States and Europe and that is only because we have put nothing less than our mind, heart, and brains into forming such a user-friendly listing website for tech solutions. We humbly believe that our sincere efforts reflect on how we provide you solutions.

Our tech support team is geared and motivated towards resolving your tech issues in the most time saving efficient way. So, feel free to say a well-bidded farewell to long waits on lines to be greeted by a customer service that you very well know doesn’t care about your time or issues. Of course, that is, if someone actually does pick your call-up.

We are here to provide you prompt, efficient, effective and immediate solutions to all your technology related glitches…..with nothing less than ‘care’.