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Windows Defender is a leading antivirus software that comes with the all-new Windows 10. Windows Defender works in tandem with other Windows security services to secure your system. Defender helps you to keep your PC safe from any malware or spyware attacks. Their firewall is thick enough to stop any threat on its tracks.

windows defender customer service

Windows Defender has gained a lot of traction and developed a large user base. Having a large user base makes servicing all the more difficult. That’s where our company comes in, we provide customer support for any and all Windows Defender problems. Call us at our toll-free Windows Defender customer support number to avail our services. We house some of the most talented technicians, who are available 24×7 for your service. Let’s look at some of the problems associated with Windows Defender.

Basic Problems of Windows Defender:

  • Not being able to install Windows Defender.
  • Windows Defender not scanning properly
  • Operating system not supporting the antivirus
  • Windows Defender antivirus not upgrading
  • Not being able to activate the Windows Defender

Windows Defender Not Scanning:

Sometimes you will find that your Windows Defender is not scanning your system properly. If this happens your PC is at immense risk. To make sure this problem does not go out of hand. Call us at our toll-free number to avail our customer services. Our technicians will solve whatever problem you are facing.

Windows Defender Inactive:

One of the most common problems with Windows 10 users. The user is unable to activate Windows Defender on their PC. If you are one of the many facing such an issue. You are free to call us any time of the day. Our phone lines are open on a 24-hour basis.

Can’t upgrade Windows Defender:

If you are one of those users having trouble upgrading Windows Defender. Try calling us at our Windows Defender customer service. We will provide you with all the solution that you need. Our team of expert technicians will guide you step by step on how to upgrade your Windows Defender.

Can’t Install Windows Defender on Windows 8:

If you are a Windows 8 user and is unable to install Windows Defender on your PC. Call us at our toll-free number. Our service provider will help you all through the installation process. Call us anytime, we are open round the clock.

Windows Defender Customer Service:

If you are a Windows 10 or a Windows 8 user, and you are having trouble with Windows Defender. You no longer have to make those long never ending calls, where you get little to no help. Instead, call us at our toll-free +18009170185Windows Defender customer service

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We have a team of highly trained technicians working 24×7 to resolve your problem. Call us any time of your choosing, our phone lines are open throughout the day. Our critically acclaimed service provider will provide you with quick and easy solutions. What makes us stand out is that we offer the cheapest price in the market. What more can you ask for?

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