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Beginning in 2007, the iPhones, using the iOS Apple software, have released several models in the past decade, each packed with more advanced features, to become the genuine game changers of the world of mobile phones. With its wide range of products with newer and more sophisticated features in every new model, Apple really revolutionized the mobile phone industry. But some users face many issues in their iPhone like iPhone 7 Stuck in Recovery mode,iTunes not working etc. This article is for all about how to fix all the issues related to iPhone 7.

The iPhone opened a whole new horizon to the world of smartphones with its immensely famous range of iPhones, guaranteed to offer all users a truly unique and unforgettable experience with top – class professional performance and features. With the prolonged usage, you may come across issues like iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode problem. Contact us whenever you have an issue and take our experts’ suggestions to fix all your troubles.

The iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode issue occurs very often when you are trying to update your iOS device to the latest version of the software that is available. You may also find your iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode as it is also a commonly seen problem.


How to Resolve When iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode

This problem of iPhone 7 Plus stuck in recovery mode may be caused due to many reasons like –

iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode


  • It might be due to some problems with the hardware parts of the device.
  • The issue might occur due to a malfunctioning of one or more software in the iPhone.
  • The iOS update can be hanging and stuck for a long time leading to the problem of iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode.
  • Sometimes, when you install beta versions of any iOS software and then try to update the device, it might get stuck.
  • At times, there can be some other problems where the iPhone gets frozen on the opening screen with the Apple logo.
  • Jailbreaking may also cause this problem – some apps in the iPhone can have glitches and bugs that forced the iPhone to go to the recovery mode, in the first place.
  • If you had previously used the recovery mode to overcome another problem, that mode might persist without exiting, thus causing the problem.
  • Any damage or spillage of something, mainly liquids on the iPhone may have compelled the device to go to recovery mode as an act to save itself.
  • A virus attack or a low battery may also, at times, make the device go to recovery mode.
  • There might be problems when you connect your iPhone to a PC/laptop and iTunes cannot recognize the external device used.

If you are an iOS user facing the problem of iPhone 7 stuck in recovery mode, you might be wondering how to get iPhone 7 out of recovery mode. You must be in dire need of practical solutions right now. Look no further as we are here to help and support you by providing constant and useful technical support and low-cost customer care service packages so that all kinds of customers and users can afford them.

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