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To access iTunes, App Store, iBooks or any other Apple products, you have to assign your credit card with your Apple ID. In-app purchases or any Apple Music subscription, it is deducted from your credit card. Even after your purchase is done, your credit card information still remains attached with your ID in order to make future purchases. That is when you need to know how to remove a credit card from iTunes?

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Because of the hapless reality of unauthorized purchases and identity theft, users are more concerned about having their credit card or debit card linked to the Apple ID. Hence, it’s true that your Apple ID and payment information along with the ID is important.

Regardless, we let you know the reasons behind why you are unable to remove your Apple ID as well as how to remove a credit card from iTunes. For further queries, you can contact our tech support team. Our Apple Support is online 24*7 to help you with the most suitable solutions. Just give us a call and let our experts help you out.

Reasons Why You Need To Remove Credit Card From Apple id :apple id

  1. Unauthorized access: Most of the times, users panic when they have to pay for what they have not even authorized. In such cases, you might want to remove the credit card linked to your account to avoid unnecessary transaction.
  2. Identity theft: It is the practice by which an imposter uses your personal information to gain financial advantages.
  3. Lost credit card: Whenever you lose your credit card, the first thing you should do is inform the bank so that they block your card.

Reasons Why You Are Unable To Remove Credit Card From Apple id :

  • Subscription services: If you have enabled automatic renewal services, then Apple will not allow you to remove the payment information until the automatic renewal service is activated.
  • Family sharing: If you are using a payment method called Family Sharing on your Apple ID, then you have to face few issues regarding this.
  • You just need to first disable the payment method to get rid of such a burden.

How to remove a credit card from iPhone App Store?

During downloading an app from the app store, Apple users need to purchase the app from the store. In order to make a purchase, your credit card gets linked to the iPhone App store.

There are few steps you need to follow to remove it:

  1. First, open the App Store.
  2. Next, tap your Apple ID and view this.
  3. After that, tap payment information
  4. Next, you need to tap none under the payment method.

Thus, you are all set to remove a credit card from iPhone app store.

How To Remove Credit Card From iTunes?

Following few simple procedures, you can avoid the limitations of removing Credit Card from iTunes:

  • Open iTunes and locate the account section. Then, click on “View my account”.
  • You need to put your Apple ID and password next for further access.
  • Click on Sign in.
  • To make changes with your account information, you need to click on the edit option.
  • It will allow you to change the payment information.
  • In case you want to remove your credit card from the account, choose “none” in your payment method.
  • To save your edited settings, you have to confirm it by clicking on “Done” option.

These steps are meant to be followed on your computer. But if you do not have a computer, then you can solve it out on your iPhone. You need to open App Store Application and tap on the profile icon. In the account section, you can see the Payment Information where you can change the settings to “None”. It will remove your Credit Card from iTunes.

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