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How to Solve Asus Router Power Light Blinking Issue?

Does your Asus Router power light blink when you power on the router? It’s nothing unusual.  Despite having wonderful features, you may sometimes face such problem. But, that doesn’t mean it’s not repairable. It could be as simple as an outdated firmware update or just a generic hardware issue. Asus router Power Light Blinking is one of the most frequently encountered error with the users.

However, if you want to resolve the issue on your own, then this process should help you accomplish the job on your hand. But, please keep that in mind, you should be aware of the fact, that any wrongdoing might lead to product damage. So it will be wise to consult a technical professional and fix the issue instantly. You may dial our toll-free Asus Router Customer Support number for reliable solutions.asus router power light blinking

Asus Router Power Light Blinking – Why?

There could be a number of reasons for the LED light blinking. Generally, when the router constantly transmits the data the light flashes. Even, when the router is not connected wirelessly, it still blinks because the router is constantly transmitting the data. Sometimes, due to some glitch, you may face this issue too. Outdated firmware could be the main reason for that.

Here are some of the possible ways how to solve Asus router power light blinking issue.


Troubleshoot Asus Router Power Light Blinking

There may be a number of ways to fix the issue. But these are the best to try for a non-technical person. It might take some but it should resolve the problem.

First of all, you need to operate the problem through Rescue Mode.  You can try these steps to operate the Rescue Mode…

First, you need to visit the Asus Global official Website. Then go to the support and then click on Driver and tools. Under that click on the OS and then click on Utility, then search for the Asus Rescue mode Utility select global to download.

Now you need to change the adaptor settings and apply the changes. Connect the router to your computer by using a wired connection. Once the router is connected, go to the control panel from the start menu. Find change adapter setting under network connection then right click on properties and change the settings.

If the problem is not resolved then as a last resource, you need to update the firmware. To do that, remove the power source from the router and then hold down the reset button for few seconds and release while plugging back the router. Start the rescue utility. Choose firmware restoration and then choose the firmware you want to update.

Now you should not face the issue…

Connect With Us To Resolve

The problem should resolve, if not then you need to consult expert professional. Without wasting time trying different things, get the appropriate solution form out certified engineers. Call our Asus Support Number: +1-866-640-5516 or chat with our support executives, either way, you will get your desired solution in just a flicker of time. You may also mail us stating your queries and doubts. We guarantee instant solutions without fail.