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Asus has established a name when it comes to delivering highly efficient laptops, PCs, notebooks and WiFi routers as well. Acclaimed by users worldwide to be cheap and reliable, Asus Tech support offers you the best in the market at affordable prices.Ranked among the top 100 in BusinessWeek’s InfoTech, Asus delivers PC peripherals as well as WiFi and networking devices as well, trusted by many across the globe.

asus tech support

Asus User Base

Asus enjoyed extensive user base from every continent and sub-continent. Our products and solutions are preferred by customers, not just due to being reliable, but they are very much customer oriented.

We are proud to say our products and traveled far and wide!

asus technical support

Why call Asus Tech Support services?

Since our product range is extensive and diverse, so are the issues as well. No issue is big or small for us because we understand that such sophisticated devices and connectors can be very tough to deal with individually.

We maintain an optimized and ever-ready technical staff and people to attend you and take care of your problems.

All you need to do is get in touch with us!

What Asus issues troubles you?

Is your Asus device unable to find WiFi router?

Either the WiFi is turned off or you need to check whether you have manually connected to the WiFi server.

Try doing it and if you still face an issue, our technical support team awaits your call.

Have you forgotten your WiFi password?

Visit the browser with router settings page and enter the username and password.

All you need to do is reset the password for your router and choose WPA2 encryption.

Haven’t solved yet? Give us a call and we will guide you further.

Are you unable to access the internet through the router?

If you face this issue, check for a few things-

  • The password you entered is correct.
  • Enable “Obtain IP address automatically”
  • Check if the LED indicator is green.
  • Check if you have enabled the Radio function.

Still, if the problem persists, contact our support team to resolve quickly.

Is the WiFi signal getting disconnected?

There are few easy things you can try-

  • check if the router firmware is upgraded.
  • Setup your connection in room where it has less interference
  • Make sure you have no resistance.
  • Try changing the router location.
  • Keep it near your device. around the router.

Don’t worry if you cannot solve it. Call us up. We will provide the best solution to you.

Asus promises an efficient service


By that, we mean efficient in all aspects. We are connected to our customers asking for their demands and reviews continuously over our blogs and social media.

For every issue of Asus, we provide a holistic solution, so that you never have any complaint with our services.

We are a company who nurture innovation!

How much time do we take to deliver?

The least!

Asus customer care team and helpline numbers are not bounded by geographical constraints. Every single of 365 days with a 24/7 service, we make you feel right on our doorstep! Connect with our Asus Tech support number +1-866-640-5516

What about our pricing?

Asus is for all, not for one!

And that is why we are loved globally.

Our price listings are customer-oriented. Whether you talk about PCs, motherboards, and hardware, WiFi connectors, and routers, get every the best in industry tech at a cheap price.

Get the best at an affordable price with Asus!