Avast RPC Error Damages Your System – Resolve It With Avast Support Experts

Avast is one of the world’s most leading and trusted antivirus. You can avail Avast protection for Windows, Mac, and Android as well. It is a light, mobile friendly and provides an effective security solution for your device. But often you may face some technical glitches such as Avast RPC error. This error generally occurs during installation of a program or while installation of Windows operating system. This article might be able to help you out, to fix it.

Underlying causes behind Avast RPC Error

You need to understand the underlying reason behind Avast RPC error. There are mainly two primary symptoms of RPC error. First, if your PC frequently crashes when running the same program. And the second one, if the computer periodically freezes. To fix the error, you need to strictly monitor when and where you are encountering  Avast RPC error. Let us have a look at the causes:

  • Incomplete download of Avast antivirus software
  • Corruption in Windows system file due to malware or virus attack
  • Corrupt Windows registry files due to changes made by last Avast update.
  • Deletion of Avast antivirus program files by malicious program

There could be many other possible causes behind the occurrence of this error. You need professional help to get it fixed if you are not tech-savvy enough. You can connect to our Avast Tech Support through 24×7 helpline number, for proper expert assistance.

Avast RPC Error

Troubleshooting steps to resolve The RPC Error

You can try the steps below to get a quick fix of Avast RPC error Windows 10. Try these out:

Conduct Malware Scan

There is always a possibility of malware or virus attack resulting in the error code. These intrusions can damage, corrupt or delete Runtime process related files. You can connect with Avast Tech support team to get the necessary solutions required to fix your system.

Clean system junk

Your computer may get overloaded with temporary junk files. If these files are not cleaned occasionally, they may cause problems like hard drive errors.  Talk to our expert to get guided through your system clean up.

Update Device Driver

Outdated or corrupted device drivers can result in triggering RPC errors. Then you need to update your device driver. If you are unable to locate the proper driver for your system, you can connect with our Avast support team for instant assistance.

Uninstall and reinstall Windows OS

Lastly, you can try installing a fresh copy Windows. This will help you to delete all files stored on your hard drive including the corrupted ones.

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