Resolve AVG Uninstall Error Code 0xc0070643 Instantly With AVG Support

We all know that one of the most important tools that we should have on our computer is the antivirus software. AVG is an antivirus software, which is mainly designed to protect our computer from different viruses. So, ideally, we should always have an installed antivirus in our system. Installation problem can occur anytime. AVG uninstall error code 0xc0070643 is a very common installation error related to the antivirus.

An antivirus is basically a tool that detects viruses on our computer, can repair files which are already infected by viruses, and finally, delete those which are irreparable. It can protect our system from data loss, slackening of computers and in case a software isn’t working properly.

As an antivirus, AVG quarantines you always.

AVG antivirus users often complain against it and they want to know how to fix the problem immediately.

AVG uninstall error code 0xc0070643 – Fix It

Method 1: Try to use Ninite for the installation

If you get some errors like AVG uninstall failed error code 0xc0070643, related to the AVG antivirus installation, you can install it by using Ninite.

AVG uninstall error code 0xc0070643

Ninite is a service that can support you to get a huge number of applications. You need not go through all the tedious steps to install but only through some smart steps through Ninite.

You can install AVG antivirus very easily by using Ninite. Follow the steps below:

  • First, go to the Ninite’s official website
  • Check whether AVG is there or not. If it is there then download it
  • Then, try to run the setup file

Method 2: By using the AVG Remover tool

If you are getting the AVG installation error code 0xc0070643, you can fix it by using the AVG Remover tool. As we know that some AVG files can be stored in our system during the installation process and it can affect in future if you try to install it again. So, it’s very important to remove all those files. For that purpose, we need to follow the steps below:

  • First, Download AVG Remover
  • Run it after the download is finished, this tool will remove the previous AVG installation
  • Now, you need to restart your computer

Method 3: Revo Uninstaller

Sometimes we need to install AVG antivirus and AVG PC Tuneup together. But if you are facing this installation error, you have to uninstall AVG PC Tuneup tools from the computer by using Revo Uninstaller. After that, you need to remove the previous installation by using AVG Remover.

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