BCM20702a0 Driver Issues: Get Easy Fixes From Baba Support Experts

BCM20702a0 is a Bluetooth driver related glitch and it occurs due to the damaged or incomplete presence of files in the system. It is one of the most frustrating errors faced by users who are trying to implement a Bluetooth device externally. Whatever be the reason, but solving it quickly is very important to re-use the Bluetooth device. Here, in this article, you will learn the most effective methods, which works well to solve the BCM20702a0 Driver error.


BCM20702a0 Driver

What is Responsible for the BCM20702a0 Driver Issues?

There are several factors which lead to the BCM20702a0 Driver error and are as follows:

Virus attack: In most of the cases, it is seen that if an infected file gets mistakenly installed on your device, then it damages or corrupts most of the files which are very important for a system to run. If this is the case, that an infected file gets installed in your device, it may be due to the fact that you have forgotten to keep the security system enabled in your device after you disabled it for some purpose. Then a full scan using Windows Defender or any other third-party tool should be able to fix the error.

Sudden power cut: A sudden power-cut during the Bluetooth driver installation process may lead to the BCM20702a0 Driver error.

Outdated Bluetooth driver: keeping the Bluetooth driver in an outdated condition can be responsible for this error. And if this is the case, then only by updating it you’ll be able to fix this problem.

If anything goes wrong with the Windows Updating process, then this can also sometimes result in the BCM20702a0 Driver error.

Whatever be the reason but solving it with the proper methods is very important. So, this is what you can learn from the section below.

How to Resolve BCM20702a0 Driver Issues?

Resolving this error requires that you follow the correct steps and procedures. Here, we have discussed the most viable and important of the fixes to resolve this issue in no time. to So,  check out the section below to learn the proper methods for fixing the BCM20702a0 Driver error.

Method 1: Run a Complete Scan Using the Windows Defender Tool

Before proceeding with the tough methods, let us begin with the easiest one. This is one of the troubleshooting steps which works to solve many of the common problems like the BCM20702a0 Driver error. So, check it out. Hopefully, this method is very familiar to you. So let us begin.

First, right-click on the four windows icon, which is present at the extreme left bottom corner. Next, from the menu, click on Settings. After that, among the available options under the settings window click on Update & Security. Then, from the left panel click on Windows Defender and scroll down till the end of this window. Next, at this extreme bottom of this window, you will see an option as Open Windows Defender. Click on it. This will pop-up the Windows Defender titled window.

Further, at the right-hand side of this window, you will see three different checkbox options which are as follows: a) Quick, b) Full, c) Custom. From these options, activate the checkbox beside Full. And then click on the “Scan now” box. After doing this, you will see that the scanning process has started. A Full Scan will take longer time as it scans in details. After the scanning process is over, restart your device and check if the problem is resolved. And after your system turns on, if, you still face that the BCM20702a0 Driver error exists then follow the next method.

Method 2: Uninstall, Download, and Reinstall your Bluetooth Driver

If your Bluetooth files are already corrupted due to uncertain or unpredictable issues, then the better option to resolve this is to uninstall, download and then reinstall the Bluetooth driver. And the process to follow to do this are as below.

Uninstall your Bluetooth Driver

If running a complete scan of your device doesn’t resolve the BCM20702a0 Driver error, then, by following this method you may get rid of it. So, to uninstall your Bluetooth driver continue with these below instructions.

At first, tap on the Windows button once, this will activate the search bar section. Then, on this search bar type Run and then tap the Enter button, this will pop-up the Run bar window on your desktop screen. After that, on this Run box, type “devmgmt.msc”, without using quotations. Next, click on OK or tap the Enter key once. This will open the Device Manager window on your desktop screen.

Then, from here, navigate to the Bluetooth section and click on it to expand it and to get to the driver section. Next, right-click on your Bluetooth driver and select on Uninstall. This will open a confirmation window on the screen. Again click on Uninstall. That is all you need to follow to uninstall the Bluetooth driver from your device. Next, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website of the Bluetooth driver to get the updated as well as the repaired version.

Download the Driver from your Bluetooth Manufacturer’s Website

After uninstalling your bluetooth driver by following the above method, open a browser on your system. And, by using this browser, open your Bluetooth manufacturer’s website. After that, from here, search for the Bluetooth driver which suits both your OS version as well as with the version of the Bluetooth device you are using. After locating the proper driver download it. At the time of this Bluetooth driver downloading process, remember that no disturbance should occur with the connection. Because, it will further lead to the same problem, because of the incomplete downloaded files. After your bluetooth driver gets downloaded successfully, remember its downloading location, to proceed to the further steps of installing it.

Install your Bluetooth Driver

After locating this downloaded file, now, navigate to its location. Now, open the folder and double-click on the setup file. Next, follow the onscreen instructions to install this downloaded bluetooth driver. After the bluetooth driver gets installed successfully, now restart your system to stabilize the process. And then, hopefully, you will get rid of the BCM20702a0 Driver error.

Additional Method: Restore your System to the Previous Point

After performing some changes in settings if you are still facing BCM20702a0 Driver error, then only by performing the Windows restoring process, the problem will be resolved.

To begin with, first, right-click on the Windows icon, which is at the left bottom corner. Then, from the menu list click on the Settings option. After that, select “Update & Security”. Next, from the left-hand panel, tap on the “Recovery” option. Then, click on the “Get started” box, which is under Reset this PC. Next, follow the onscreen instruction to select the restore point, to which you want to take your system. After choosing the restore point, click on Reset/Ok to confirm the task. Then, wait until this process is over. After your system gets restored, check if the problem is resolved.


BCM20702a0 Driver

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