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Google Chrome is one of the most popularly used web browsers at the present time. It is faster and more stable than the other browsers. So to maintain its stability and performance level, lots of users have been updating the Chrome browser. While some users have successfully updated their browser, other have encountered some issues. Users face an error which stops chrome from updating. An error appears: ‘Update check failed to start (Chrome error code 3: 0x80040154 — system level)’.

This Chrome error code 3 is likely to appear when you manually try to check for the updates. There are some easy methods that you can try and see if they solve the problem or not.

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Chrome Error Code 3

Troubleshooting methods for Chrome error code 3

Here are some methods by following which you can try and fix the Google Chrome update error.

Restarting Google Chrome

A common method to get around this error is relaunching the Google Chrome browser. Save the open tabs in case you are doing some work and close Chrome.

Now relaunch the Google Chrome browser. Next, open the About Google Chrome page to see if the “Chrome error code 3” issue is fixed.

Reboot your PC

Many a time, it is noticed that this error occurs on a temporary basis and it can be resolved by restarting the PC. So, save any work you are doing on the browser and restart the PC thereafter.

Once the PC starts, open Google Chrome and manually check for updates. The error is likely to be fixed using this method. However, if the issue still persists in your browser, you can try the next method.

Reinstall Chrome

The final method and often the likely solution to solve this error is to reinstall the Chrome Browser.

Often users have tried this step and found the solution. However, sometimes the issue still remains present regardless of the re-installation process. In such situations, consulting the Chrome Technical expert is the wise option.

If the above methods did not help and the Chrome error code 3 still persists, do not hesitate to get in touch with our experts at Google Chrome Help Center. We provide non-stop 24×7 help with a target to aid your issues.

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The Chrome error code 3 is a common update error faced by the users. Although, if it appears repeatedly then it is an indication of a big problem and requires an urgent fix.

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