Canon Printer Error Code 6000- Get Instant Solutions At Babasupport

Canon boasts of a user-friendly and world-class printer. Founded in Japan, Canon printers are manufactured with the latest technology. These printers are a bit costly, but they are the best in their class. But as every electronic device contains a bug in them, Canon is not an exception with Canon Printer Error Code 6000 being one of them.

Know About Canon Printer Error Code 6000

Line Feed is nothing other than the technique that moves the print head down one line. So the Line Feed is either messy or dirty, and thus it leads to the generation of error code 6000. If the line feed drive is stuck with small particles, or there’s dirt in it, the error can crop up. Also, when the sensor of the same is not functioning correctly, then you can face the error as well.

Other reasons include the tray not opening correctly due to some obstructions. This happens if you are trying to print a large book then it may block the plate.

In the event that you order printing when the plate is secure, the 6000 error occurs.

Canon Printer Error Code 6000

How To Resolve Canon Printer Error Code 6000

Clean the line feed and the film. Make sure that you do not have any dirt or particles smeared on it. In such a case, expel any physical articles that keep the plate from opening and switch off the printer. After a while, turn ON the printer and summon printing again.

  • Unplug the printer from the switchboard and let it cool off for a while.
  • After a while connect back your Canon printer and hold the power button for a few seconds and then tap the stop button two times. Repeat this process once again but this time make it happen slowly. Also while releasing the power button tap the stop button four times.

It would be better if you remove the defective portion of your printer and replace the same with a new one. Thus, you may have to replace the Line Feed film, Line Feed sensor and the roller unit or the paper feed motor.

You can follow the steps as given in the manual to carry out a proper installation of the above parts.

Make sure that your printer paper tray is appropriately set. If you find any object present in front of the machine, consider removing it.

Reboot your printer if none of the above solutions work out for you.

Follow the above procedures sequentially to solve your error code 6000 Canon printer.

Babasupport Can Help

Now, you can easily conclude that your problem is nothing other than a hardware issue. So it will be better to get your printer checked by the Hardware technicians.

Baba Support consists of highly trained software specialists and certified engineers who provide the best Customer Services. They are always on their toes to pull you out of the problem. Also, they have a panel of hard-working personnel’s. So you can be carefree about their support and services. They also ensure that you never face the problem in the future.

Call Email Support Experts for Canon at +1-888-796-4002. Send them an email at [email protected] and avail our services. They shall reply you back through email.

You can also avail their doorstep services or chat with them online and discuss the problem. They will continue to assist you until and unless you have your issue Canon Printer Error Code 6000 solved.

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