How To Fix Canon Scanner Error Code 4630 | Get Instant Solution

Have you come across an error code 4630 while trying to scan using a Canon scanner? The corresponding message says “The device could not be locked. Check that another application isn’t using the device(-4630)”.

After that, you can’t use the device to scan anything. Even if you try to scan after restarting the system, it may show up the same error. The reasons behind Canon scanner error include outdated system drivers, misconfigured system files, malfunctions in settings or maybe issues with the scanner itself.

In the following section, we will give you some workarounds for resolving this common problem.

Methods to Solve Canon Scanner Error

If you continue to receive the error message 4630, you have to start with a few basic measures. First, turn off the scanner and see if all the wires are connected in a proper way. You can unplug the USB cable and all the wires, then plug them back again. See if the problem is resolved after that. If not, then follow the below sections.

Solution 1- Disable Windows Service

If there is any misfunction in the system’s settings, it may show up any type of Canon scanner error. These are the steps to configure the settings correctly.

  • Press Windows+R to launch the Run dialog box.
  • Type “services.msc” in the box and hit OK. You will see the Services window opening up.
  • Look for “Windows Image Acquisition” in the list. Right-click on that particular option and choose “Properties” from the menu.
  • Change the Startup type to “Disabled” mode.

Restart the system after that and check if error 4630 is appearing this time while scanning.

Solution 2- Uninstall and Reinstall the Driver

If there is any fault with the scanner’s driver, it may show up error on your computer’s screen. To avoid any kind of error due to an outdated or faulty driver, you can fix it by the following method.

  • Launch the Run dialog box. Type “devmgmt.msc” in the box and hit OK. This will open a list of all the drivers that are installed in the system.
  • The printer driver should be enlisted under the “IEEE 1394 Bus Host Controllers” section. So, right-click on the particular option and choose “Properties”.
  • Click on the “Uninstall” button and tap OK when it is prompted. The next step is to reinstall the driver. For that, you have to get back to the Device Manager window again.
  • Look for the driver and you can see a yellow triangle sign next to it. Right-click and choose “Update Driver Software…” from the menu.
  • When a new window will open, choose the first option to let Windows install the driver automatically.

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process and try to scan any document on your Canon scanner.

Solution 3- Restore Windows to an Earlier Version

If you have made any recent changes in the system, the system may exhibit Canon scanner error. Don’t worry, as there is a way to revert the recent changes in the Settings. Have a look at the steps below to restore Windows to an earlier version.

  • Click on the Start button and type “System Restore” in the search box.
  • When the result appears, click on the respective option to open it. Tap on “Next”.
  • On the next screen, choose the recent system restore point and press “Next”.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the process and make sure to restart the computer after that.

We hope, the Canon scanner error 4630 will get diminished after this process. If this method does not work, follow the next one.

Solution 4- Run an SFC Scan

SFC (System File Checker) scan is performed to detect the corrupted system files. We have already mentioned that the presence of corrupted system files may cause such an error. Hence, these are the steps to run an SFC scan in the system.

  • Click on the Start button and search for “Command Prompt”.
  • When the result appears, right-click on that option and select “Run as administrator”.
  • Tap “Yes” when the User Account Control (UAC) prompts.
  • Type “sfc/scannow” in the command window and hit Enter.

So, the scan will take some time to complete. Make sure to restart the system after the completion of the scan.

Solution 5- Check Related Windows Services

Not only the “Windows Image Acquisition(WIA)” but, certain scanner-related services are responsible for the error as well. In such a case, if these services are not started or working properly, your Canon scanner may show error code 4630.

These services are DCOM Server Process Launcher, Remote Procedure Call RPC, RPC Endpoint Mapper, Shell hardware detection, etc. You can take a look at them in the Services window and determine if it started or not.

Now, open the Run dialog box and type “services.msc”, then hit the “OK” button. In the new window, you will see all the services that are running in the background. Look for each of them and check their properties. If any of those services are stopped, click on the Start button to launch the service.

In the above section, we have discussed all the possible measures that you need to apply in order to fix the Canon scanner error. We expect that you have already picked a particular trick from the above that works for your problem.