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Comodo, the American cybersecurity company is an irreplaceable name for millions of users. Comodo boasts of over 100 million users all around the globe with top enterprises on the list. We can credit the reason to its unique ways of delivering security over the traditional virus protection. This excellent user-friendly Comodo antivirus, despite all its uniqueness, has caused some issues for its users. In that case, you may contact Comodo Customer service to resolve all technical glitches.

comodo customer service

Matters relating to antivirus can create many malfunctions in the system. It can arise out of your device not being compatible with the antivirus. Otherwise, it could be your system settings is coming in the way. Usually, antiviruses cause some common errors like-

  • Installation glitches
  • Setup issues
  • Support Glitches
  • Too many pop-ups
  • Detection Errors

Our Comodo tech support team has made their reputation right in these matters. Since Comodo users are so vast in numbers, we cannot list here all the issues that we have resolved. Cybersecurity is a top priority in any workplace. We have delivered real-time, precise solution to users worldwide securing their work environment. Here are some of the common issues that we have resolved-

Common Issues With Comodo Antivirus-

Uninstall Error

Uninstalling the Comodo antivirus can face some interruptions in case your setup was not done properly. It is not always possible to call your tech person at home and take a look at your system. Having a proper guideline is also not always possible. In times like these, you have to find the correct solution from the correct professional source. We are just a call away.

Updating Error 

Updating Comodo Antivirus has often caused a lot of users to scratch their heads. It is not always convenient to call on some random customer care services and wait until the automated voice response hangs up on you. Get in touch with one of our tech experts and resolve your matter patiently.

Comodo Customer serviceDisabling Warning Notification

Many users have called us to understand why their Comodo Antivirus is showing “Warning” notification. Call us to fix your issue immediately and understand what to do in cases like these. Constant popups can be irritating. Contact us to immediately resolve your issue by making some technical alterations in your settings.

Contact Comodo Customer Service for Instant Solution


Comodo has a wide user base because of its varied range of services. Comodo provides security from the “man in the middle” threats. For instance, the threats that crop up during payment proceedings or while shopping online.

Hence it is not always possible for a user to resolve their query through common online calling portals. That is when our role comes into the picture. We have made our mark as a real-time solution provider in the business. Our Comodo Customer service is available 24 * 7 to be readily available for any query that comes up from the users.

Your time and issues matter and that is why we do not leave our callers on hold. Being prompt in responding and delivering solutions, we owe our success to our highly experienced Comodo tech support team. Allow us to take your queries into our hands and plan out a straight-up easy solution for you. Our experienced team of tech experts.

What Comodo Customer Service offer

We are cost effective
We are available 24X7
No more waiting in lines for someone to take your queries
Effective time efficient solutions

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