How to Delete Gmail Account – Step By Step Guide From BabaSupport

If you are currently using a Gmail account but willing to remove the account for some reason, here are some of the steps to delete Gmail account. Well, you can quickly execute this process, but if you’re not tech-savvy, things might go wrong.

How to Delete Gmail Account

Without having the password, it is quite challenging to delete Gmail account. If you have a correct password only then you can remove the account quickly.

Facts you need to know before deleting Gmail Account

  • Google Account and Gmail account are not same. That is why you can use other Google services without using a Gmail account.
  • If you use Google account to recover another Gmail or Outlook account, you should change it.
  • If you are using your Gmail ID with some bank account or you have created accounts on various social sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc. you must change it before deleting the ID.
  • All your conversations that are saved in your Gmail Id, i.e., email messages will be deleted unless you create a backup with Google Takeout.
  • Your Google Play purchases and search history will be deleted.

What happens when you delete Gmail Account?

Numerous individuals need to Delete Gmail Account because of security issues. These days, there are different safe email benefits around. Those organizations secure client messages. They likewise encode signals amongst senders and gadgets. With better email potential outcomes, many individuals are evacuating Gmail.

Many individuals likewise need to know how to store messages, correctly how to delete messages, Note that once your Gmail account is removed, you’ll no more access to numerous letters.

  • Your messages and mail settings will be erased.
  • You can never again utilize your Gmail address to send or get an email. If you alter your opinion, you might have the capacity to recover your Gmail address.
  • Despite everything you’ll have your activity and purchases, you made on Google Play.

How To Delete A Gmail Account Permanently?

How to Delete Gmail Account

  • First sign into your Gmail account, click on the profile picture that is available on the top right corner and select my account. Or go to google account setting.
  • Select “Delete your account or services” option under Account preferences.
  • Next Click on Delete Products.
  • After entering your password, you will get to know about your active products in your Gmail account.
  • If you have created a backup already, click on the bin icon available next to Gmail. Otherwise, click on the Download Data button and download all the backup and then click on the bin icon.
  • You need to enter another email address associated with Gmail account to keep using other Google services.
  • When you click on the confirmation email received in your secondary email account, a Window will arrive at the page that asks you for “How you‘ll sign into Google.”
  • Click Send Verification Email.
  • Merely choose Yes, I want “Yes, I want to delete [email id] permanently from my Google Account” and then click on Delete Gmail button.
  • Now, try to check your Gmail account whether it is deactivated or not by merely logging your Gmail username, you will see that dialogue that shows “username not valid.”

How to Delete Gmail Account

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