Dell Fixes Charging Issues: Limited XPS Laptops Users Get the Benefits

XPS 17 9700

For the past couple of days, Dell users have been facing some issues on their laptops. The issues were mainly seen in the XPS 17 9700 devices. In addition to that, the Precision 5750 mobile workstations were also affected. Dell has first heard of all the complaints, then analyzed the issue and contacted the customers. 

Precision 5750 mobile workstations are the corporate laptops that are used by various business organizations. People noticed strange behaviour on the devices while working with it. And, this glitch occurred when the workload was too high. 

What was the real issue about charging?

It is very much usual that when something unexpected happens to a laptop, it behaves weird. Many people have noticed that the depleting rate of the laptop’s battery exceeded. This happens when the laptop is using all of its CPU. 

On the other hand, the device also automatically discharged its battery when plugged in. This means that, if somehow the electricity goes off, the device will turn off too. 

Dell’s Analysis

Dell came to know about this problem when they received a unit and a charger. They have run a full diagnostic to the entire device. The working procedure is still on by the experts, trying to resolve the problem as soon as possible. Recently, the host said that they are very much close to the rectification process. 

Moreover, Dell promised that the current orders are perfectly fine and unaffected. If needed, Dell will contact every customer for further information. In some special cases, the customers also can contact Dell for further assistance or else they can buy a new Laptop Charger.

Charging Issues in Hardware or Firmware?

It is not known in which section the issue took place. The specific fix was also unknown. People who own XPS 15 9500 laptops have received a firmware update. The XPS 25 laptops never had such issues. 

Rumours are looming around that the XPS 17 9700 laptops also received a firmware update. It has also updated the USB power delivery circuit. But, the result of the update went wrong. The update affected both the Main USB PD controller 2 and USB PD controller 1. 

Expert’s Analysis and Views

In this matter, experts are a little bit confused about the issue. They are assuming that the charging problem might be hardware related. People who own the XPS 17 9500 have stated that they have been advised for the replacement of the device. In addition to that more advice came, like the swap of motherboard and others. 

Few experts also confidently said that the charging issue was simply a hardware problem. It is not at all related to the firmware. A few people also decided to return the laptop and purchase a new one. Reports say that people who are willing to change their motherboard, the replacement will start from the month of August. 

Dell also stated that they will only provide the services to a limited number of laptops. That is why the laptop producing giant is calling out some of the XPS 17 9500 owners to share their problem so that the company can fix it easily.