How to Fix Your Dell Laptop Sound Not Working Issues ? Avail Instant Solutions From BabaSupport

While working with your system, all of a sudden you find out that your Dell laptop sound not working. This problem has been reported by many of the users and it may become too expensive for you if you don’t take the right initiative at the initial stage of its occurrence. But you can only resolve this problem if you know all the technical things of your Dell laptop. But if you are not a tech-savvy person, you may find it difficult to deal with. In that situation, you would require expert guidance to apply the right fixes to this problem.

Symptoms Of Dell Laptop Sound Not Working

There are various symptoms of Dell laptop Sound Not Working problem. For example- stuttering, jarring, crackling, no sound or choppy audio, etc. Fixing distorted audio without technical guidance is not as easy as you think. Keeping that in mind, our BabaSupport experts have provided detailed information about the Dell sound not working error. Here, we have mentioned a few solutions for you to make your Dell laptop sound work for you. Try them out and fix your Dell laptop audio instantly.

Dell Laptop sound not Working

Dell Laptop Sound Not Working Windows 10: Reasons Behind It

There can be various causes behind your Dell laptop sound Not working problem. Until and unless we understand the core of the problem, it becomes impossible for you to eradicate this from your laptop. These are the possible causes why your Dell laptop sound doesn’t work:

  • Broken tracks on one of the cards
  • When the mute button is engaged
  • Wrong audio driver updated in your laptop
  • If there is some issue with your motherboard
  • A component in the audio circuit is damaged

Whatever the reason is, it has to be eliminated as soon as possible to bring back your laptop audio performance. Otherwise, it might invite some more problems in your system if not resolved initially.

Troubleshoot Your Dell Laptop With No Sound

Now it’s time to fix your sound problem so that you can work effortlessly with your Dell laptop. These are some quick tricks for you to help you deal with the Dell Monitor Sound Not working problem. You can follow the steps that we have mentioned here and remove the glitch from your Dell laptop.

Take A Look At The Audio Ports

If there is any damage in your audio cables or audio ports, your laptop sound system may not work. So, you need to check if the ports are damaged and inform us directly through our helpline number. We will help you resolve the damage and make the laptop audio work for you. On the other hand, if you find dust on your audio ports, clean them with a lint-free cloth. Don’t use any cleaning solution as it may influence the damage even more.

Reboot Your Dell Laptop

Most of the time, a simple restart can resolve half of your Dell laptop problems. So your Dell laptop sound’s error can also be fixed easily with this simple trick. Switch off your PC and disconnect your audio driver and wait for 5-10 seconds. Now power on your laptop and connect the audio player. Check if the audio sound is working now. In case you still find the same error occurring on your computer, move on to the next solution.

Update The BIOS And Audio Driver

As per our recommendation, you have to update the audio driver and BIOS as a part of your scheduled update cycle. These updates help you keep your system away from the faulty, outdated versions and make your system compatible with the driver updates. So, update the audio driver and BIOS to improve your USB performance and avoid the USB related issues. If you find any difficulty during the procedure, give us a call immediately and get all the necessary help.


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