Confirm Form Resubmission: How To Turn It Off On Google Chrome Browser?

Confirm Form Resubmission is more of a ‘feature’ than an ‘error’, faced by several Chrome users. It prevents the browser from repeating the page or task after hitting the F5 (refresh) button. Sometimes, it also occurs after pressing the back button on the browser. 

When this feature is turned on, it saves the users from doing the same task. But, many users prefer to disable this message or popup for various reasons. So, here, we are going to provide some quick hacks through which you can get rid of this error. 

Hence, have a look at the rest of the post to turn off form resubmission.  

Learn How to Turn Off Confirm Form Resubmission on Chrome

We are going to provide some easy solutions to fix the confirm form resubmission pop-up. So, try the methods explained below: 

Method 1: Reset the Chrome Settings

Sometimes, due to the misconfiguration of the browser settings, you can also face this message. Hence, by resettings the settings of the browser, you can get rid of this issue. To do this, perform the steps as follows: 

  1. Open the Chrome browser and tap on the three dots vertical sign from the top-right corner of the screen. 
  2. Next, select the Settings option from the Control Menu. 
  3. Tap on the ‘Show Advanced Settings’ option by scrolling down the Settings page. 
  4. Go to the end of this page and tap on the ‘Restore settings to their original defaults’ option. 
  5. Finally, tap on the ‘Reset Settings’ button. 

Once the resetting process completes, you can close the Chrome browser. Now, reopen it to check if the issue is fixed. 

Method 2: Use Properties of Google Chrome

You can easily solve the confirm form resubmission error using the Google Chrome Properties. To do that, you can follow the steps mentioned below: 

  1. First and foremost, right-click on the Chrome shortcut icon and choose the Properties option from the list. 
  2. It will open a dialog box and you will get the ‘Target’ field. Type “C:\ Program Files (x86) \ Google \ Chrome \ Application \ chrome.exe-disable-prompt-on-repost” in the box.
  3. Now, it will open the Chrome browser. Close it and reopen it using the shortcut icon. 

If you apply this method to solve the pop-up, then you will get two different shortcuts for the Chrome browser. One of them is to configure with the procedure discussed above and the other is by using the default properties. 


You can perform any one option depending on what type of work you want to do with the Chrome browser. Some specific links also can help you to resubmit the form and obtain your private data like card details or similar information. 

Hence, whenever you need to perform such tasks on the browser, where security plays a major role, you can use the shortcut of the browser using the default properties.  

Method 3: Clear Browsing Data of Chrome Browser

Web browser always remembers the data once filled in its forms. That’s why there is a chance of data duplication. So, if the browser stored too many duplicated data, it can also lead to the Chrome Confirm Form Resubmission back button error. 

At this juncture, if you force Chrome to forget all the data it had stored, there won’t be any chance of duplication.  

Hence, try to clear the browsing data regularly. While clearing the browsing data, you need to select all the options such as media licenses, cached data, passwords, cookies, browsing history, etc. 

How to Remove the Browsing Data of Google Chrome? 

  1. Launch the Chrome browser and navigate to the Control menu (it looks like three dots at the top-right corner of the browser window). 
  2. Choose the ‘More tools’ option from the list. 
  3. Now, click on the ‘Clear browsing data’ option. Else, you can also get this option by pressing the Ctrl and H key simultaneously from the keyboard.  
  4. Afterward, select the time range to ‘All time’ or ‘Beginning of time.’
  5. Now, check all the boxes and tap on the ‘Clear Browsing Data’ button. 

After that, close the web browser. Then, reopen it and try to refresh the webpage to check if the issue has been solved. Otherwise, disable the corrupted extensions of the browser. 

Method 4: Disable Corrupted Browser Extensions

If there are any corrupted extensions on your browser, then it can also trigger this message to appear. Henceforth, to solve this issue, you can disable some of the extensions of the Chrome browser. To do that, go through the steps mentioned below: 

  • Launch the browser and open the menu. 
  • Afterward, go to ‘More tools’ and choose the ‘Extensions’ option from the list. 
  • Now, search for the corrupted extensions by scrolling down the list. Then, disable them one by one and check if the message has been resolved.  

Method 5: Delete ‘no-store’ 

You can prevent this pop-up by using the form in the header with the PHP code as well. Usually, the PHP code is: 

“header(‘Cache-Control: no-store, no-cache, must-revalidate, max-age=0’)” 

To solve this issue, delete ‘no-store’ from the form of the header. Afterward, try to refresh the webpage within the form. 

Lastly, you need to enter the form and then refresh the page to check whether the pop-up is gone.  

Final Recommendation

These were some of the easiest ways to solve the Confirm Form Resubmission pop-up on the Chrome browser. Hopefully, you will be able to use Chrome without form resubmission message after executing the above hacks. 

If you face any trouble while performing the above-discussed methods, you can share through the comment box given at the end of this post.