The Best Strategies To Deal With DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL Error

While attempting to reboot the device, many users find an error notification that pops up on the display screen saying “DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL ”. As soon as this error notification comes up, the device starts to crash automatically. This situation can also appear when the device is put into hibernate or sleep mode. It decreases the system performance as the device drivers get corrupted or damaged due to this error.

In the primary stage of the issue, users find that their device starts to lag. Sometimes, it can even stop giving a real-time response to the mouse or keyboard input. In such situations, they also confront that the device takes a lot of time to start and execute the reboot operation.

If the memory is insufficient, there is a higher possibility that the device might stop working and displays various errors for multiple attempts.

So, if you are currently experiencing the same error, check out this entire article and get the most significant ways to overcome this situation.

Problematic Factors That Can Influence The Error

Focus on this section and identify the problematic factors that are responsible for the Corrupted Drivers Expool error.

  • The obsolete version of Windows OS can be the first and foremost reason behind this error.
  • If there are corrupted or missing system files present in the device, then it can lead to such a BSOD error.
  • Also, the backdated version of the Device Driver can be another significant cause of this error.
  • Moreover, malware or virus infection can also influence this error.

Quick Fixes For DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL  Windows 10

There can be multiple fixes that can resolve the corrupted driver error. But, here, we are going to provide the most effective fixes that will surely eradicate the issue you are facing. So, without further delay, let’s proceed with the reliable troubleshooting measures to protect your Windows 10 device from the Blue Screen of Death error.

Fix 1: Update the Windows OS

Let’s start with one of the major causes of this DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL  Windows 10. A majority of users face this error when they are using an outdated version of Windows. Therefore, if you encounter the error due to this reason, it is a wise choice to update the Windows OS.

To update the Windows OS, follow the undermentioned steps:

Step 1: Primarily, open the Start menu by tapping on the Start icon. After that, hit the gear-shaped icon and go to the Settings.

Step 2: Under the Settings window, navigate to the “Update and Security” section. Once the new window invokes, select the Windows Update tab that is present in the sidebar of the window.

Step 3: Now, choose the “Check for Updates” button to find out the available updates. As soon as you perform this step, you will find the list of updates on the top of the screen, if available.

Step 4: After that, hit the “Install /Update” button from the appeared menu and confirm the process by tapping on the OK button twice.

When the process is over, you can reboot your machine to let the new changes take effect. If you find the same error even after performing this task, then proceed with the next successive fix.

Fix 2: Execute System File Checker

Windows device comes up with various effective tools that tend to fix multiple errors. System File Checker is one of them. 

Step 1: 

Press the combination of the Windows logo + R key. After performing this instruction, you will find the Run window that appears on the screen. Now, in the Run dialog box, write “cmd” and hit the Enter key to execute the command.

Step 2: 

After executing the command, you will find the Command Prompt option at the top of the search result. Now, click on it and choose the “Run as Administrator” option from the queue window. 

Step 3: 

Once the Command Prompt window opens with the administrator rights, write the “sfc/scannow” command. After that, hit the Enter key to run the command.

This process might take sometimes, So, be patient and do not interrupt the process anymore. Once the process is over, reboot your device and verify whether the error gets removed or not.

Fix 3: Remove the Problematic Driver

Sometimes, device drivers get corrupted or damaged due to certain reasons. So, there is a chance that you may encounter the DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL error. On such occasions, you must figure out the faulty or outdated driver, which might be triggering this error.

Steps to Figure out the Faulty or Defective Device Driver:

  • Go to the Start menu and write “Windows Update” into the Search dialog box. After that, hit the Enter key and you will get a list that appears on the screen.
  • Simply, choose the top search result and select “Check for Updates”. Thereafter, proceed to tap on the “View Update History”. 
  • Now, you can locate the faulty or backdated drivers that are present at the top of the list.

By using these steps, you will easily identify the faulty driver that may influence this error to appear. Identifying defective drivers can be pretty beneficial for you in many ways. Therefore, proceed to remove the corrupted or faulty drivers.

Steps to Remove the Faulty Device Driver:

  • Press the combination of the Windows logo + R key to invoke the Run Windows. Now,   write “devmgmt.msc” in the Run dialog box and hit the Enter key to run the command.
  • This process will launch the Device Manager window. Once the Device Manager window opens, you will receive a list where all the installed drivers are enlisted.
  • Now, choose the identified faulty drivers. If there is more than one faulty driver, click on them respectively and hit the Uninstall button from the queue menu.
  • Thereafter, you will get a confirmation window where you need to choose the “Yes” button to confirm the process.

Fix 4: Eliminate Suspicious Applications

If you have third-party applications installed on your device, then it might conflict with your device. As a result, you may encounter the DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL error. In such instances, we suggest you eliminate the suspicious applications from your device and verify whether this method removes the error or not.

Step 1: Open the Start menu and go to the Settings option. When the Settings window opens, tap on the System from the resultant menu.

Step 2: After that, navigate to the “Apps and Features” section and locate the suspicious application. If there is more than one application, then select them one by one and hit the “Remove/Uninstall” option.

Step 3: After this process, you will get a confirmation window, where you need to hit the Yes button to confirm the process.

Once the process is over, reboot your device to apply the recent modifications.

Fix 5: Update the Device Drivers

After performing all the above methods, if you still find the corrupted driver error notification on Windows 10, try this fix. It is recommended you to update all the device drivers. If any of the drivers have been outdated, then it may be a major cause behind the issue. So, it’s better to update all the device drivers.

Here are the steps that should be followed to update the device drivers.

  • Open the Device Manager window by following the above-mentioned steps. Once the Device Manager window opens, choose all the drivers one by one and hit the “Update Driver” option from the pop-up menu.
  • Now, select the “Automatically Update the Device Driver Software” from the appeared menu.
  • Hit the Yes button and confirm the installation process with the newest driver. When the process is over, reboot your device.

Concluding Remarks:

In this post, we have mentioned all the important information regarding the error message due to corrupted drivers. We hope, after performing the above methods, you will be able to resolve the error on your own. Moreover, this same set of solutions are also applicable if you face this same issue while connecting to the network.

But, if you face any sorts of difficulties, then post your troubles in the comment section below. Further, if you have any other ideas regarding DRIVER CORRUPTED EXPOOL  Windows 10 fix, then feel free to share that in the feedback section below.