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+1-866-218-1957 Hotmail serves millions of users globally and it is considered one of the pioneers in providing email services. Hotmail helps to build in connections and along with such extensive email network service comes an uncountable number of customer related issues and that’s how we come into the picture. Our team helps you with every possible issue related to Hotmail and its connectivity.

We take pride in being one of the most trusted third party when it comes to support services, our excellent team of technicians can solve all sort of basic errors with Hotmail such as problems with email sending and receiving, account setting, syncing of two accounts and more. We strive to fix all the issues related to Hotmail.

hotmail customer service

Every Hotmail user comes across these common issues at one point in time, the errors can be many such as

  • Syncing one account into one
  • Problem in creating a new outlook account
  • Getting mail automatically
  • Password recovery
  • Password forgotten

Common Errors and Solutions

There are number of issues that a user can face and we bring you few handpicked errors with the solution to each yet you can come across with much more so to have a handy guide keep our toll free number in mind to get instant help

Password and username not matching

Issues related to username and password not matching is one of the most basic error faced by every Hotmail user and it basically happens because a user forgets the sequence of their password, so make sure you keep a close check to what you are typing, make sure to keep your caps lock key off because logging into outlook is sensitive. Most of the time you will be able to solve it yourself but in case you don’t don’t tear your hair off and get in touch with our customer support to get it resolved in no time.

Recover accidentally deleted inbox

It might be one of the biggest mistakes a user ever made, and it might look like this issue cannot be resolved yet it is and there is nothing to worry about, a user can definitely recover the emails that accidentally might have got deleted in past days. To get the issue resolved just click “Deleted’ it is basically located on the Hotmail email left-hand side because it has the list of deleted messages and from there a user can retrieve the desired email.

Error with Synchronization

If a user is faced with an error of syncing one account to another then it’s something to be fixed by the technical team and Hotmail is working on to solve the syncing error yet our support team can surely provide you with some alternative ways to fix the issues.

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Hotmail support

We take our customers seriously and provide them with a trusted solution to every issue related to Hotmail. If you are not a fan of waiting for endless hours in the other end of the phone line which you surely are not then just dial our toll-free, easy to access customer support number where our skilled technicians will help you every step of the way.

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