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“Epson printer in error state” generally occurs due to a software updating issue, or a hardware problem of the printer device. If you proceed for printing from your printer device and get this pop-up message, then this will certainly stop you from performing the task. And in that case, at first, you need to identify the reason behind this error to resolve it. Go through this article thoroughly to get a complete knowledge of the printer in error state issue.

Reasons Behind Epson Printer In Error State

These are several factors which are responsible for the Epson printer in error state issue which is as follows.

  • Loose Wire connections
  • Outdated Printer Drivers
  • Paper Jam Issue
  • Improper Port Settings

Whatever be the case, until this error gets resolved, you will not be able to continue your printing task further. So, check out the solutions mentioned below to learn the fixes for this Epson printer in error state issue.

Epson Printer in Error State

Methods To Fix The Epson Printer In Error State Glitch

This is a very common problem faced by Epson users. And, it generally happens due to the lack of maintenance of your Epson printer. However, there is nothing to worry if you get this error message. Because it can be easily solved by applying the proper techniques. So, you need not to look for a new device which will cost much more than repair. Here, in these sections below, you will learn some of the methods which work great to resolve the Epson printer in error state problem and Epson ink cartridge not recognized.

Method One: Verify The Wire Connections

First of all, before proceeding to the technical methods it is better to start with the easiest one. Turn off your printer as well as the computer device. Next, unplug all the cables which connect the printer to your device. After that, check the condition of the USB cable which connects your printer with the system, if you found it is defected, then replace it. Next, reconnect all the wires in a proper manner and try to join the USB cable with a different port of your system, if available. Then, restart the computer and your printer device to check if it works normally. If it does work correctly, then that’s it! You have successfully resolved the printer in error state issue. If however, the problem persists, then follow the methods mentioned below.

Method Two: Update Your Printer Driver

An outdated version of the printer driver is one of the causes which restricts your printing job and pop up the Epson printer in error state message. And, it can be fixed by updating the printer driver and the steps to do that are as follows:

  1. At first, tap the Windows key and without letting it go, tap the letter R (Windows +R), this will open the Run box. Then, type “devmgmt.msc” on the Run dialog box without the quotations, and hit the Enter button or click on OK. This will open the Device Manager window on your device.
  2. Then, under this Device Manager window, if you find only a single menu and that is related to your system device name, then, click twice on it to expand and to avail the other menus of this window. And, if you find different menus already appearing on the Device Manager screen, then skip this double-clicking step on the system name and continue with the steps below.
  3. Now, from the available options of the Device Manager go to your printer device which has stopped functioning. Then, right-click on your printer driver and select on “Update Driver Software…”
  4. Next, on the window that opens, select “Search automatically for updated driver software”. And, if you find one (updated driver), then install it by following the onscreen instructions. After updating the printer driver you may be able to use your printer device without an error.

Method Three: Activate “Use any interrupt assigned to the port”

If all the above methods fail in solving the Epson printer in error state issue. then try this method as explained below.

  1. First, open the Device Manager window. Tap the Windows button once, this will activate the search menu. On it, type ‘device manager’ and press the Enter button. This will show the Device Manager on your device screen.
  2. After that, under the Device Manager window, go for the Ports (COM & LPT) section and click twice on it to expand.
  3. Next, from this expanding menu, click twice on the parallel ports to open the Properties window. Now, under this Properties window, tap on the Port Settings tab.
  4. From here, activate “Use any interrupt assigned to the port” and select OK.

After doing this, you may get your Epson printer in a working condition. If you still get the error message, then try to update the firmware of your Epson printer to resolve it.

Method Four: Verify If There Is A Paper Jam In Your Printer

If a minute piece of paper gets stuck into your printer device then this can also be a reason for the Epson printer in error state issue. So, if all these above instruction is not able to solve this problem, then dismantle your printer device and clear it thoroughly with the help of a soft cloth and a brush, to ensure there is not a piece of paper left on your printer. After cleaning the printer device, place the paper bunch on the paper tray and try to print a document and check if this problem gets resolved.

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