Epson Projector Overheating: Easy Steps to Fix the Problem At Baba Support

Epson projector overheating is one issue which is mainly caused by a damaged Epson projector. The damage can be anything, including dirt accumulation or the improper maintenance of the Epson projector. Installation location is also an important factor which is directly related to the Epson projector overheating problem. So, there are several things that you need to know to save your Epson projector from damage due to the overheating problem.

Epson projector overheating not only ruins your presentation performance during a discussion on a project or any other important matter. But, it can permanently stop the projector function, if not taken care immediately. So, here in this article, we are highlighting on this overheating problem of the Epson projector. Go through the below sections to learn the essentials for saving your Epson projector from the overheating issue.

What Causes Epson Projector Overheating Problem?

These are several reasons, which if not taken care of, can damage your Epson projector by overheating. And they are as follows:

  • Improper installation location: In general the suitable locations for a projector is on a table or at the ceiling with the help of the projector holder. However, if other objects crowd the location, then it will restrict the free air-flow and thus result in the Epson projector overheating problem.
  • Lack of maintenance: Every device needs to be maintained after a certain time period, which will not only increase the life-span of the device but at the same time, also keep it safe from any glitches like the overheating problem of the Epson projector.
  • Loose power cable: A frequent plug in and out due to loose cable connections can result in the Epson projector overheating issue.
  • Fluctuations of the power supply: A fluctuation of the power supply can not only hamper your presentation job in the middle but can also result in the projector overheating problem.
  • Environmental factor: Installing a projector in a dirty-location can cause the dirt and small particles to get into the projector device, and thus takes part in the overheating problem of the Epson projector.
  • The damaged cooling system of the Epson projector: If due to any external injury the projector fans gets damaged, then this is also a reason for this overheating problem.

Essentials Methods to Prevent and Resolve Epson Projector Overheating Issue

There are several things which you need to take care of, to save your Epson projector device from the Overheating problem. And they are as follows.

Always use Genuine Cables to Connect your Projector Device

Using any locally manufactured cable to connect your projector with the power supply can be the reason for the loose or improper connections. And thus, results in the Epson projector overheating problem. If this is the case, then switch off your projector device. After that, disconnect it from both the power supply and your PC. Next, wait until your projector cools down. Then reconnect both the devices (PC and power supply) with the Epson projector and restart it. Hopefully, by connecting the wires tightly you will not face the Epson projector overheating problem further.

Dust and Clean your Projector at Least Once in a Month

Accumulation of dust particles on the fans of the projector device makes the cooling system slow. And thus, you will see that the projector will get overheated only after a few minutes of operation. So, cleaning it once in a month is very important to increase the life-span of the projector fans along with the device itself.

To begin with, this process, make sure that the projector is not in hot condition. Then, open all the cables from it and open the outer cover of as well. After that, use a dry and soft cloth to wash all the frontals of the projector. Next, use an air-blower, so that, it can clean the residuals of the dust by blowing the fresh air in the gaps. Or, even in place of the blower, you can also use a brush to clean. After clearing your projector device thoroughly, close the box. Next, reconnect all the wires in the proper locations and start using it.

Install it at the Ceiling or a Location where it is Free from any Surroundings

Always try to keep your projector device in a location where the surroundings will not hamper the air flow. So, cooling is done smoothly. Depending upon the projector models there are two or three fans installed inside the device. The function of these fans is to radiate the heat from the projector body which is formed due to the high power consuming bulbs in it. Maintaining these fans is a very important task to perform. Because, if it gets damaged, then your projector device will get heated abruptly. And thus, the risk of damage is always present. So, maintaining the projector device is very important.

Many of the latest Epson projectors come with the purifying filters installed. The function of these filters is to restrict the air impurities to get into the projector device. And thus, protects from the Epson projector overheating issue.

Control the Room Temperature of the Installation Location

The room temperature must be low to keep your projector out from the overheating issue. We always recommend to install it in an air-conditioned room. So, the overheating is minimized and you can be able to use it without any problems.

All these are the factors that you need to take care of to prevent and resolve the Epson projector overheating problem.

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