ERR NETWORK CHANGED: Get Troubleshooting Hacks To Resolve It

ERR NETWORK CHANGED error is one of the most annoying issues that occur due to certain bugs and glitches. This error notification indicates that the device is confronting a failure while accessing the network. It also states that there may be an interruption that makes certain changes in the network settings.

If you are recently encountering this error and want to get rid of this immediately, then you are on the correct page. Here, you will get various troubleshooting measures that will surely eradicate the network error you are facing.

Significant Factors That Can Lead To ERR NETWORK CHANGED Error

There can be various reasons responsible for certain network changes on the Windows 10-based device. But, here, we are going to mention the most prominent ones. So, have a look below and identify the root causes of the error.

 There can be certain glitches with the Windows Energy efficient ethernet feature.

  • Incorrect DNS settings can be a major cause of this network error.
  • Sometimes, a misconfiguration in the system and network device can create issues including the network error.
  • A majority of users claim that they face the network error due to the VPN and third-party browser add-ons.
  • Google Chrome’s Prediction services can also be responsible for network glitch. 

Once, you analyze all the significant causes of Err_Network_Changed error, go to the solution part. Now, you can resort to the undermentioned section which will help you to resolve the error in no time.

Reliable Workarounds To Treat Err_Network_Changed Windows 10

Here, in this section, we are going to offer you some of the top-notch solutions to apply, in case you experience an “ERR NETWORK CHANGED” error. Moreover, the solutions we offer are quite easy to implement. Therefore, without any hesitation, you can proceed with these fixes. 

Method 1: Reboot the Network Device

Rebooting the network device is the most basic troubleshooting measure that you can try to resolve the network error. Most of the affected users claim that after rebooting their network devices, the network error gets eliminated from their device. Generally, such kind of network error gets triggered by an improperly configured network device. So, before going towards any advanced measure, let’s try with the most basic one.

  • First, press the Power button of the network device and wait for about 30 seconds to turn it off.
  • After that, press the Power button again for about 15-20 to turn it on.

After rebooting your network device, if you find that the error is still there, then proceed with the next successive method.

Method 2: Check the Device for Malware or Virus 

If you are getting network error all of a sudden, there is a chance that this error is due to the malware or virus infection. On such occasions, you can use the Windows Defender, which is a built-in utility that arrives with every version of Windows. This will kill the malware or virus and repair the infected files and folders.

Steps to Run Windows Defender

  • Open the Start menu by tapping on the Windows icon. Now, write “Defender” into the Search dialog box. As soon as you follow this instruction, you will find the Windows Defender at the top of the search result.
  • Now, choose it to open the Windows Defender window. Once the Windows Defender window opens, tap on the Shield icon located on the left side of the window.
  • Then, go to the next window and select the “Full Scan” option from the queue window. Also, hit the OK button from the confirmation dialog box to confirm the process.


After performing these steps, Windows Defender will scan your entire device. It will also detect the internal bugs and glitches that arise due to the malware or virus infection, After detecting them, it will repair them automatically. Once the process is over, reboot your device to get the desired result. 

On the other hand, you can also use any other third-party security software to do this task. But, after proceeding with this task, do not forget to reboot your device.

Method 3: Change the DNS Server Address in the Windows Network Settings

In this procedure, we suggest you change the DNS server address in the Windows Settings. For this purpose, right-click on the Network icon that is situated in the taskbar of Windows 10. After that, go to the “Network and Sharing Center” and choose the “Change Adapter Settings” from the right side menu.

Next, tap on the existing network adapter from Properties and proceed to highlight the “Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4)” item. Now, go to the Properties section which is present in the section below the time.  

Here, you need to select the “Use The Following DNS Server Address” section and write into the Preferred DNS server box. Thereafter, enter into the alternate DNS server box. Once you are done, then proceed to hit the Enter key. 

Now, head to reboot the device. Once, the device restarts inspect whether the network error has gone or not. In case, if the error persists, try out the next method which is strong enough to treat the network error within a flicker of time.

Method 4: Turn Off the Energy Efficient Ethernet Feature

Many users have reported that they get stuck with the ERR NETWORK CHANGED message due to the Energy Efficient Ethernet feature. There is a chance that your device does not completely support this feature hence, you find such network-related error. 

To overcome this situation, it is a good decision to disable the Energy Efficient Ethernet feature. For doing so, follow the dedicated steps.

Step 1: Press the combination of the Windows logo + R key to open the Run window. Once the dialog box invokes, write “devmgmt.msc” and hit the Enter key.


Step 2: This process will launch the Device Manager window, find the Network Adapter which is located on the left side of the page. When you find it, double-click on it and go to the Advanced tab. 

Step 3: In the Advanced section, click on the “Energy Efficient Ethernet” option present on the Properties window. Now, set this feature to Disabled and hit the OK button to confirm the process. 

Step 4: When you are done with all the above steps, hit the Apply button as well as the OK button to save the recent modifications.

Method 5: Consider the Internet Options

Now it’s time to turn to the Internet settings, Therefore, invoke the Run window and write “Control”. Hit the Enter button to launch the Control Panel window. Once the window opens, make changes in the View Settings and reset them into the Small icons. 

After that, go to the “Internet Options” and invoke the “Connection” tab. Next, navigate to the LAN Settings and deselect the “Automatically Detect Settings” option. Confirm the new changes by tapping on the OK button.  

We hope, this process should be enough to treat the network error efficiently. But, if the error remains, stick through and proceed with the final resort. 

Method 6: Reset IP/TCP

This is the final method that you can try to rectify this error. So, follow the underlying instruction to perform this task. 

Launch the Command Prompt window with Administrator’s rights. Once the Command Prompt opens in Admin mode, enter the following commands and hit the Enter key after each command. 

  • netsh int ip set dns
  • netsh winsock reset

After executing the commands, reboot your device to let the new changes take effect,

Concluding Remarks…

In this post, we have mentioned all the necessary details along with the most reliable methods to rectify the ERR NETWORK CHANGED error. But, we recommend you to follow the above-discussed steps in the same order as instructed to get a favorable result.


Moreover, if you have any further queries, leave that in the comment section below.