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Social Media is the latest development in modern communication and Facebook is its leading brand in the industry. Facebook was launched globally in 2004, presently boasting a user count of more than 2 billion active users. During the boom in social networking, Facebook rose to prominence for its unique approach and easy user interface. It was the first social networking website to provide multiple layers and customizable security features. Starting out to be an online platform for people to stay connected with friends and family. However, technical glitches can occur at any point in time. Connect with Facebook Customer Support cater by Baba Support at +1-888-796-4002.

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Facebook after years of development has transformed into a global brand. At the same point in time, it still has its set of problems users face day in and out. Facebook today has become a platform for both personal and commercial purposes. Problems on Facebook is often with:

  • Lost Password
  • Payment Issues (corporate users)
  • Spam apps
  • Privacy settings
  • App related Issue

We have a dedicated Facebook Customer Support team with vast experience and success in solving these problems. facebook has an enormous user base with probably the widest variety of problems that we have resolved. Online security is vital for people living in the 21st century and we are here to make it your troubles go away easily.

Facebook – Usual Problems

Login Issues

When you signup to Facebook, you set a unique login passed to access your account. This password should not be shared with anybody else to avoid losing access to your account. Also, remember the password is case sensitive. If you are having password related problems and finding it hard to get guided help solving the problem, we are just a call away.

Payment Issues

A user can use Facebook these days for promoting his business and reach a wider network just by a few clicks. For business promotion, Facebook provides users with Paid Advertisement services. You can customize and select target groups for these ads. Payments of these ads are made online through bank transfer or direct card payments. If you are facing problems guides for such payments or trying to set up your business online for the first time we are here to help you. Just contact our customer support to get started. We provide easy setup and solutions making your business solution better and faster.


Almost every single person is on social media in the 21st century but not all are aware users. If you are not a tech savvy person you can certain problems when dealing with the everchanging scenario of social networking platform. You may have clicked some unmoderated link resulting spam messages and ads and too many updates and pop-ups.  If you are having problems with the functionality of the app or website we are here to help you. We have our unique way of solving your problems getting you back on track. Just dial our number to get these problems resolved immediately.

App related

For handheld devices, Facebook has its set of apps and management tools for personal and dedicated commercial use. Manage your business Facebook Pages on the go from your smartphone. For any assistance or total guidance in setting up your Facebook app and other management tools call us a get immediate assistance.

Connect to Facebook Customer Support

Facebook has a huge user base. problems when logging in or payment related problems are common issues. The smartphone app also requires attention at times. it is not always possible to get your problems resolved through online portals. Here is where we have the edge, a dedicated Facebook Customer Support team with in-depth knowledge providing real-time solutions around the clock 24×7. We are always available to resolve your tech issues.

For immediate help, Connect us now!

Is your Facebook not working in your system? Do not worry, we will resolve the error at once. You can opt for our services to fix all issues with ease. Reach us at our Baba Support team and get best in class solutions at your doorstep. Call us at +1-888-796-4002.Our experts will surely respond to your queries within 24-hours without delay. We guarantee you of top-notch services from our end. You can also enlist your issues and doubts and drop us an email at our official ID or simply have a live chat with our service experts.

Our primary concern is to provide you with the most effective solutions to your budget. Our team consists of professionals who can deal with all application issues. Whether you face a problem with facebook login or app-related issues, we will detect the cause of errors and try to solve it as soon as possible. Furthermore, we provide you with smart tricks and tips to resolve your issues without any hassle.