Get help to troubleshoot Canon MG5320 Printer Error Code b200

Canon is one of the largest manufacturers of printers in the world. The devices are compact and come with easy to use features that make them a remarkable product. In terms of performance and quality, rarely any brand can beat Canon. But though the printers consist of superior features, often it needs some professional care. If your Canon printer does not function the way it should, then the problem encountered should be dealt with immediately. One such frustrating issue is the Canon mg5320 printer error code b200.

What is Canon Printer error code b200?

Canon mg5320 printer error code b200 comes along with an error message “A service error has occurred.” The error indicates that there is debris or dust stuck inside the printer causing obstructions. Also, if your Canon mg5320 printer malfunctions can be due to overheating of the printheads also.

If you experience this error, then perform a check-up of the printer to look for any unwanted packaging or other torn pieces of paper within your printer. It might solve the issue but it is advised to take professional help for resolving such errors if you lack technical knowledge.

Guidelines to fix Canon mg5320 Printer error code b200

This is a critical error of Canon printer, but there is no need to panic. Actually, there are two methods that you can follow to resolve Canon mg5320 printer error code b200 efficiently. If the first method does not fix the problem continue with the second.

Procedure 1 :

  • Turn off your Canon printer and unplug it, then wait for 1 minute.
  • Open the printer cover and switch on the printer
  • Move the print carriage towards the left and let it go half the way.
  • Shut the cover immediately, before the print carriage reaches the extreme left-hand side
  • Leave the Printer as it is and it should bypass the error.

Procedure 2:

  • Turn off the printer and unplug the power cable
  • Open the top cover of the Canon printer and dislodge the ink cartridges and printheads if possible
  • Use a small amount of warm water on a cotton swab to clean the print head thoroughly. Make sure that no ink comes off on the swab.
  • If it happens then dry it with a soft and clean paper
  • Also, use alcohol to clean the printhead, connectors and any other things metallic internal Hardware. Leave it for 30 minutes to dry.
  • The switch on the printer and insert the cartridges and printheads back into the printer.

Resolve Canon mg5320 printer error code b200 with only a single call

If the above methods don’t prove beneficial and you keep encountering issues in your Canon printer, avail Baba Support’s services by calling at the toll-free number +1-888-796-4002 for Canon support. You can rely on our Baba Support experts to provide reliable and budget-friendly solutions.

Furthermore, you can even send us an email mentioning issues related to your Canon printer. Feel free to discuss issues with our professionals and get remote solutions online through our Live Chat support portal. We provide expert assistance from highly skilled personnel to troubleshoot Canon mg5320 printer error code b200.

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