Fix Error 1671 iTunes In A Short Span Of Time

Many iPhone or iPad users face error 1671 iTunes when they try to update or restore their device through iTunes. If you face this problem, it may be because your system is outdated. Some software can interrupt the connection to Apple’s servers. You may experience this error due to this connection issue as well.

Go through the article, here you will find the different possible solutions to fix the iTunes error. For the quick response, you can contact our iPhone Support Service. Besides outdated software and connection problem, the error can show up due to other reasons as well. You can try out the solutions mentioned here. Or you can directly have a word with our experts and resolve the issue in no time.

 error 1671 iTunes

Easy Solutions To Fix Error 1671

There are many solutions which can fix error 1671 iTunes easily. Follow the given methods to resolve the iTunes error. These solutions may be a little difficult for you to execute if you are not tech-savvy. In that case, just let us resolve it for you.

Update iTunes And Fix iTunes Error 1671

You may get an iPad error while upgrading iOS devices. It is because you may have an old version of iTunes. So you need to update iTunes.

  • Go to the “help” option
  • Then check for Updates and get the latest version of the iTunes.

This is a simple method to avoid the error. Still facing the error? Try out the next step or talk to our experts for immediate tech assistance.

Fix Error 1671 via Factory Reset

You can fix the error 1671 iTunes by a factory reset. But before applying this method, it is advisable to create a backup. Otherwise, you will lose all your data after factory reset. Follow the given steps for factory reset-

  • Go to the settings then General then Reset and remove all the contents and settings from your iPad
  • Now remove the iPad option
  • Restore iPad from iCloud backup
  • Then set your phone and then follow the instructions shown on your screen.
  • Wait for some time because this process takes time to complete.

iTunes Error 1671 Fix With Resetting iPhone or iPad

If the above methods haven’t solved your problem then try out the next one. Do a hard reset on iPhone as it can easily solve the error 1671 iTunes. However, this process will not affect any app or information.

Host File Edition to Resolve iPad Error 1671

This method is not so easy. Here are the steps-

  • Find the Host File on your system and then remove the antivirus from the system.
  • For Windows-Go to MY Computer then C drive after that drivers.
  • Find the Host file and drag it on the desktop
  • For Mac- Go to the Finder then select “Go to the folder” and type “Private”
  • Then select Host and run iTunes
  • Again drag the host to the desktop
  • Now restore the Host file and install the antivirus

Apply the methods described in this article, it may help you to solve your problem. The last solution is a little tricky and you may find it difficult to perform. So contact our iPhone Support service to avail instant and best solutions.

Contact iPhone Support Service To Fix iTunes Error


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