Smart Solutions To Fix Gmail Error Code 5967

Gmail error code 5967 occurs due to server related issues. Conflict of servers, accumulation of cache files, and antivirus blocking servers are the most common reasons which are identified by the experts as the causes behind this error. And, if you are struggling with it, you can thoroughly read this article to learn the complete steps of solving it.

Reasons Behind Gmail Error 5967

There are several errors faced by Gmail users, and error 5967 is one of those. And if this arises while opening your Gmail account then continue with this section to learn about the possible causes of the error.

  • Antivirus creating problems
  • Accumulation of cache files
  • Browser creating problems
  • Gmail server issue
  • Unsupportable Applications

Whatever be the cause for the Gmail error code 5967, you need to know the proper tricks to fix it. In the coming sections, you will get all such fixing methods with detailed steps. So, check out these sections completely.

Methods to Resolve Gmail Error Code 5967

Receiving the error code 5967 while opening the Gmail account is totally unpredictable but you need to find the methods to resolve it. And here in this section, you will get those solutions which you can try to fix this error. Here they are:

Method One: Disable the Security Software

Using a free version of antivirus software can be the main factor for the Gmail error code 5967. And, if this is the case, to check, disable the antivirus software, whatever you are using. The process to do this is very simple and are as follows:

At first, find the antivirus software from your taskbar panel. If you are not able to find it over there, then, open the taskbar tray by clicking on the upward arrow symbol from the taskbar panel, which is present near to the right-hand bottom corner. After locating your antivirus icon, right click on it and select the “Antivirus shields control” option. Next, select the time period for which you want to keep your antivirus software disabled. After disabling your antivirus software, try to open your Gmail account and check if the problem gets resolved. If you are still receiving this error message then go for this next method.

Note: If you find that after disabling the antivirus software the problem gets resolved, then the problem is with the antivirus. So, it is better to uninstall the software and try a different one.

Method Two: Clear Cache Files from your Browser

Gathering of a huge number of cache files on a browser can stop the normal functioning of it. And, if this is the case, then the method to resolve it is to clear the cache files. The steps to do this is as follows:

  1. Launch a browser on which you are getting a problem to open your Gmail account.
  2. Then press both the Ctrl and the letter H keys altogether. This will open the History tab of your browser.
  3. Now, navigate to the left-hand side of this History tab window and select the Clear browsing data option, this will again open a new window. By selecting the proper options on your screen clear all the cache files of your browser.

After that, restart the browser by closing and reopening it. Now, check if this problem still exists. And if it does, then try the methods below.

Method Three: Update your Browser or Use a Different One

A problem in the browser files can be the reason for its abnormal functionality. And, this may also restrict you to open your Gmail account. All you get is an error message of Gmail, with the code 5967. If this is the case, then try to open your Gmail account using different browser installed on your device. And if you are using a single browser in your system then the method to resolve this problem will be a little complicated and is as discussed below.

Download, Uninstall and Reinstall your Browser

If you are getting this error due to the usage of an older version of the browser, then try to update it, which may resolve this error. The process to complete it will take a lot of time. So, before proceeding with the steps make sure that there is enough time in your hand.

At first, using the outdated version of this browser navigate to its manufacturer’s site. And from there select the updated version of the browser which suits your OS version as well as the bit (32 or 64). After locating the proper file, download it. Try not to use the same internet connection to perform any other task. Because it may conflict or disturb the downloading process of the browser. After the download, proceed to these following steps to uninstall this old version of the browser.

To do this, open the Programs and Features window from Control Panel. Then, from here, go to your browser icon and right-click on it and select Uninstall. Click OK to confirm.

After uninstalling the older version of your browser, run Disk Cleanup before installing the downloaded version of the browser. And you will get the complete process in just below the “Reinstall Browser” section.

Reinstall Browser

Navigate to the location where the browser files gets downloaded and then double click on it to open. Now, by continuing the onscreen instructions install the updated version of your browser. Hope, after installing the updated version of your browser you will be able to open your Gmail account without any problem.

Method Four: Run Disk Cleanup

To start this, first click the Windows button and then on the search bar, type disk cleanup and hit the Enter button. Now, from the pop-up window, select the disk you want to clean up. After selecting the driver from this drop-down menu, click on Ok to delete. Next, under Files to delete, select the file types you want to get rid of it.

Note: To know the file type, single click on the file and then select OK. On doing this, you will get the full information of that file.

To clear up the more disk space, click on Clean up system files and then select the system file and click on OK to remove. After freeing up disk space, continue with the above process to install the updated version of your browser. Hope, this whole procedure works to fix the Gmail error code 5967.

Method Five: Wait until the Gmail Server gets Enabled

If all the above methods fail to resolve the Gmail error code 5967 then, possibly it occurs due to the Gmail server error. And if this is the glitch, then you can do nothing but to keep patience. Try to open your Gmail account later or on the next day, until the server of the Gmail account starts working again. To check the server condition of Gmail, try to use a different device to log in to your account. If you find that you are able to login to your Gmail account, check on the same device on which you first visit the Gmail error code 5967. Hopefully, this time you will get to log in to your Gmail account without any further error.

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