How to Fix HP Printer Error Code 30 ? Get the Step by Step Solutions

While printing Hp printer suddenly stops and shows the error message that ‘Printer not activated, Hp printer error code 30’. Users cannot understand the reason behind this error code, hence it’s not easy to fix it. After reading this article, you will find that it is not that strenuous to remove this error code as you thought it to be.

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Causes of Hp Printer Error Code 30

  • Hp printer not activated error code 30 can occur when you don’t allow your account to run a program with full privileges.
  • There can be wrong connections, or the issue can have an association with your browser.
  • An incompatible, corrupted or old printer driver can cause this error. Similarly, if you do not install the latest updates for your Window, the problem will start.
  • The error can arise from your Hp printer cartridges. There is a possibility that the printer is unable to read the toner cartridge chip.
  • There can be an issue with the printer cable or the hardware. The hard disk drive of your printer may crash and show this error code.

Sometimes when the printer is out paper, it displays this error code message. Your printer might not have correctly installed cartridges, or the cartridge cover is open. Therefore, the printer could not recognize the cartridges. There can be PostScript firmware errors due to PostScript SIMM.  Damaged Windows profile can also result in the Hp printer error code 30.

Methods to fix Hp printer error code 30

Below is a small guide to tell you the solutions for troubleshooting this issue.

  • Full control to run the program

Go to Properties on your computer and select the Security panel. Now edit your account and apply Full Control so that it can operate the program.

  • Upgrade Hp printer driver

You can search for the most compatible and latest driver for your printer. If the driver is compatible with your Windows, and install it.

  • Install Windows updates

You can keep your printer away from this unwanted error by updating the Windows of your PC. Let your Windows to check for updates automatically. If you find that an update is available, then install it.

  • Reset your Hp printer

Disconnect all the power links from your printer. Turn on your printer then press and hold the printer’s energy catch for 15 seconds. Now turn off the printer and connect back the power links to the printer. Restart the printer to check whether this process has removed the error code.

  • Manual resetting of browser

Though the steps differ from one version of Windows to another, we are mentioning the general steps.

First, you need to press the windows key and the ‘R’ button simultaneously. Then type  “inetcpl. Cpl” command in the Run window to access the properties of your browser. Under ‘Advanced’ menu select the ‘Reset’ option to reset your browser.

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