iTunes error 1671- Issues While Updating Or Restoring Apple Devices

iTunes is a highly advanced device management system, radio broadcaster, media player and a media library. The iTunes of your Apple devices is also a route for updating the software and restoring your Apple devices. However, at times, while you are carrying out the simple activities like updating or restoring the devices, you might encounter iTunes error 1671. This prevents you from getting your work done.

Our experts at Babasupport have received many requests for troubleshooting this error. Hence we decided to do this little post on it with an aim to make your familiar with the error. We are going to tell you why you might be facing this error and how to solve it on your own.

Common Causes Of iTunes error 1671

Some most common causes for this iTunes error are:

  • Outdated Operating System,
  • Outdated iTunes,
  • Antivirus or malware attack,
  • Invalid Antivirus
  • Too many USB Controllers connected to the system.

These are a few reasons why you might be facing iTunes error 1671. Now, here are a few quick tips that will help you in troubleshooting this error.

Quick Tips

Make sure your Operating System is updated, and your iTunes is installed to its latest version. Also, it is essential to check that your iTunes is compatible to your OS else, it won’t work.

Update your anti-virus and scan your system for the possible virus or malware threat. Remove the USB cords controllers that you might not need while updating or restoring your Apple devices. And see to that whether your iOS device is plugged into the compatible 2.0 or higher USB port.

These few quick tips might resolve your issue and save you the time and energy you might put in the lengthy troubleshooting process with regards to the ones available all around the world of internet. However, if iTunes error 1671 persists, proceed with the troubleshooting process.

Troubleshoot iTunes Error

Here are a few detailed processes for troubleshooting iTunes error 1671. Try them and see if you can resolve the issue.

Fixing The Error While Updating The iOS Devices

To fix the iTunes error 1671 during the updating process, firstly, disable any antivirus program that you have on your system. Now, restart your iOS device by holding the sleep button for ten seconds. And then, connect your device to the system. Now, launch iTunes and try updating the iOS device.

Alternatively, you can allow the updates to be downloaded to the iTunes after you have disabled the antivirus. Now, connect your device to your system and force restart the iOS device by holding on sleep button for about ten seconds. You will see the recovery mode screen will appear on your device. Now, choose between the restore and update options, whatever you want to do.

Troubleshooting While Restoring The iOS Devices

Turn off the antivirus on your system and search for your “Host” file on your computer. To search for the host file on Windows, go to the C Drive in My Computers. Then navigate to System 32, next to the drivers and ultimately to the folder named etc. There search the “Hosts” file and drag it to your desktop.

On your Mac, use finder to search for the host file by typing /private/etc/hosts and drag it to the desktop. Now, restore your iOS device and don’t forget to put the host file back into its original place.

These solutions should solve the iTunes error 1671. However, if you are still facing this issue, contact our experts at Baba Support for resolving this error.

Expert Solutions For iTunes

You can contact our iTunes experts at Baba Support at [ +1-800-917-0185 ] for assisting you in resolving this iTunes error. We will be only too glad to be of any help. You can also live chat with us or drop us an email at [email protected] regarding your iTunes errors, and not just this one. We can resolve all the issues related to iTunes. So, hurry up and get your issues sorted out with a flicker.

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