Mac Screen Sharing Not Working: Try These Effective Solutions

Mac comes with a lot of features, and one of its prominent features is Screen sharing. You can access it remotely on Mac desktop and also manipulate files, folders and many applications as if you are sitting and looking in front of the remote Mac. However, users reported some issues like Mac screen sharing not working. Therefore, we bring some easy steps to resolve the problems.

Mac Screen Sharing Not working? Fix It

First, enable the screen sharing and make a connection. There are different methods to access Mac’s desktop. One of the easiest approaches is the finder method, for that you need to know the IP address of your Mac.

Some other methods are also used to connect to a remote Mac’s screen. If in any case, you are not okay with finder method, you can try those other methods from the following list.

Finder Sidebar – With the help of this method you can easily connect to Mac’s screen. It helps to list all the shared devices serially on your local network.

The most effective method to easily share your Mac’s screen – Using iChat or messages you can start a connection and have a conversation with the user of the Mac you want to connect.

Mac Screen Sharing Not Working

How To Access The Remote Mac Desktops To Server menu Using Finder’s Connect

The finder has an option named Connect to Server. You have to follow some steps to make the connection, let’s have a look :

  • You need to ensure that Finder is your foremost application. Just click on the desktop and click the Finder window and check it.
  • Now, choose the given option “Connect to Server.” Enter your address, or you can also give your network name in the Connect to Server window.
  • Afterwards, tap on the Connect button. You may be asked for a name and password depending on how you set up Mac’s screen sharing. Enter the information and then click the Connect button.
  • You will see a new window on your desktop displaying the target Mac’s desktop. Just put your cursor and move it into the desktop window.

You can now successfully control, launch apps and modifies the files with the remote desktop.

If in any case, you get stuck in any of the steps or not be able to perform the steps, call our support number and get instant solutions for Mac screen sharing not working issues. Our experts are always ready to help you in any situations.

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