Safari Not Working On Mac: Fix Your Problem Right Now

Safari is the default web browser on all the Mac devices. Apple customers prefer this web browser to any other browsers available because of its absolute compatibility. However, they often found certain issues with Safari. So, if you find that Safari not working on Mac then do not worry. We have the best technical team to assist you out in this dire and helpless condition.

Safari Won’t Open On Mac: What Causes This Issue?

We understand how it feels when Safari stops working all of a sudden. Plenty of reasons are there for your Safari not working. Maybe firewall settings or proxy settings is preventing your Safari to get the internet access. Make sure you delete all the unsupported third-party add-ons from your web browser. Also, delete all the program’s preference files if the Safari program files are corrupt.

However, you can solve the problem easily following some simple steps. If you are not tech savvy do not take the risk. It may damage your Mac system. And you can lose all the important files.

Safari Not Working On Mac: What To Do?

Safari Not Working On Mac

Plenty of reasons are there for Safari not working on Mac. Follow our technical guidance and solve all the safari problems.

Disable Proxy Settings

  • Open Apple icon on the top left corner
  • Then, open System Preference
  • Click on Network Operations
  • Go To System Tab and disable ‘Proxies’

Configure the Firewall Settings

  • Again go to System Preference
  • Then go to Security and Privacy
  • Here you will find the Firewall option
  • Under the Firewall Options look for a list of programs
  • Check whether Safari is listed or not
  • If listed click on ‘ Allow Incoming Connections’ and hit Enter

Remove Third party Add-ons

Third-party add-ons can result in shut down of Safari. Your safari can run slow. So, we recommend removing the add-ons from the root level and the user-level libraries. Move them to trash.

Browse the following folders ~/Library/ScriptingAdditions, ~/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/, ~/Library/InputManagers/  and ~/Library/Input Methods/ and move the third-party add-ons to the trash. Now reopen Safari. Your problem with Safari not working on Mac should be fixed by now.

Delete the Preference Files

In general, Mac saves all the important information of yours in system preference files. And all those important files open up once Safari starts. So, now if those files are corrupted, then, preference files can restrict Safari from opening.

Delete those files. It will fix the problem. So, if you can’t open Safari on Mac, do not worry give us a call right now. Our technical support team will reach up to you and solve your problem in no time.

Our Browser Support team is at your service  24×7. You can communicate with our representatives whenever you feel convenient. Our support team will give an immediate response and will fix your problem.

Our representatives offer doorstep services also. In case you are facing a situation where your device or the hardware is at fault, our representatives will reach up to your doorstep and will fix pick the damaged product up and contact you for the delivery of the new product eventually.

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Safari Not Working On Mac

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