Skype Database Error: Troubleshoot With Industry Experts

If you are getting the Skype database error, it inevitably means your chat history data, contacts and other files are all messed up right now. The reason you are getting the database error message is mostly due to the corrupt files in your Skype account. However, there is no need to worry. You can easily apply troubleshooting solutions to fix this database issue. Hence, follow this article to know more about this error and a few quick fixes to resolve skype issues. You can also communicate with Baba Support technicians to resolve this DBMS error.

What Is Skype Database Error?

Your Skype database comprises of everything, starting from your contact lists, group messages, chat history data and many more. This entire data gets stored in the name of ‘main.db’ file and can get corrupt anytime while using Skype account. So, whenever your database file gets corrupt, you receive a Skype database error message on your device screen.

However, the issue can become further severe, if you lose your previous data due to the lack of any backup options. Hence, you must be aware of certain troubleshooting steps to fix this Skype issue immediately. In case you can’t resolve this DBMS error yourself, ask for professional help from Baba Support team anytime.

How To Fix Skype Database Error?

Most Skype users are not aware of its inbuilt database repair function. Often, when this repairing tool fails to recover the files in your Skype DBMS, you may receive this error message. So, if you are facing the issue of Skype database error and the built-in repairing function is of no use, contact technical professionals. You may also call the tech advisors at Baba Support to resolve this DBMS error in your Skype profile.

In case you use Windows 10 to access your profile, may get some success with restoring your contacts and few recent chat messages from the corrupt Skype database. However, to fix this issue from its roots, you may go through these following troubleshooting solutions.

Solution 1 – Remove corrupt entries from the database

In your Skype DBMS, any corrupt registry entry can cause this error as it contains all the necessary information. Hence, to fix it, you should delete all such broken files from your Skype database (main.db) file. If you want to modify the database entries, you may lose earlier messages. So, you can ask Baba Support technicians to repair corrupt files and create a backup copy for safekeeping.

Solution 2 – Use reset option in Skype settings

You may reset Skype to default settings in order to resolve this problem of  Skype database error. Also, you can locate the temporary database DbTemp and remove it to fix the issue.

Solution 3 – Upgrade to latest Skype version

Always try to use the latest Skype version in your device to prevent DBMS errors and file corruption issues.

Solution 4 – Reset and modify the host file

Host file provides you with a specific IP location address, but it attracts attention from malicious sites as well. Due to these malicious activities, your host file stops and redirects to some infected websites, which can corrupt Skype DBMS files. So, you can reset these host file to resolve the database error issue.

Resolve Skype Database Error With Baba Support

With Baba Support, you can get technical help to restore your Skype contacts, logs, chat messages, settings, voice calls details and much more. Baba Support provides a wide range of services to resolve technical problems in your devices. It has a team of highly qualified tech experts who offer quick fixes to eliminate the issues regarding database errors. Hence, for restoring Skype data and getting rid of corrupt registry files, contact Baba Support using the following options.

Skype Baba Support Helpline

To receive instant support to fix the Skype database error, dial our Skype Helpline Number+1-800-917-0185.

Chat Helpline

You can chat with our customer care executives for quick troubleshooting methods on Baba Support Chat portal.

Email Helpline

You may also drop emails at our official email address [email protected]  to receive Skype related solutions in your inbox.


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