How to Fix Headphones Not Working Windows 10 | Get Quick Solution With Baba Support

Windows 10 is the most reliable and famous Operating System that everyone loves to use. But this system is not at all without troubles. Almost half of the Windows 10 users have complained about the headphones not working Windows 10 issue. Everything seems perfect, but when you connect your headphone to your system, it doesn’t seem to get connected. At first, you may think that the problem is with your earphone. But you get the same result even after inserting another headphone. So the problem is with your Windows 10 Operating System.

Fixing technical issues is not an easy task without the help of an efficient technician. So audio jack not working Windows 10 also falls under that kind of category. You may have tested various solutions to remove this problem from your PC, but never came up with a positive result. In that situation, you look for an expert opinion to settle down your headphone trouble. Keeping that purpose in mind, our Microsoft experts have come up with a few potential solutions for you. Go through them accordingly and get rid of your headphone not working windows 10 problem.

Headphones Not Working Windows 10 – Let’s Talk About It

Headphones Not Working Windows 10


As per the Windows 10 developers, there can be multiple reasons behind the occurrence of this error. Therefore, there have to be different solutions in order to remove the root causes of every possible cause. And you have to check every method until you get stuck by the positive result with the particular solution.

Here, I have mentioned a few effective solutions for you to fix your Windows 10 headphones not working problem. Try them step-by-step and make your headphone work on your Windows 10 Operating System.

Configure Your Headphone As Default Device

Actually, when you plug your headphone into your computer, it automatically doesn’t get recognized as a default device. You have to reset your device settings on your own. Simply press your Windows logo key and X altogether. As soon as the pop-up menu appears, go to the Control Panel. There you will get an option like Hardware And Sound. Click on that reset your device settings.

Headphones not working windows 10

Make Sure Your Audio Driver Is Updated

There is also another possibility that your audio driver is affected. Your headphone may stop working if there is a problem with your audio driver. Download the latest version of the audio driver and install it on your Windows 10 Operating System. Now switch off your device and wait for 5-10 minutes. Then restart your PC and insert your headphone to check if the headphone jack not working Windows 10 issue still exists.


Headphones Not Working Windows 10

When None Of Them Works, Call Baba Support

In case you are still having the same headphones not working Windows 10 error, contact  Microsoft Customer Support team by Baba Support through their helpline number
+1-888-796-4002 . Their experts are available round the clock to listen to your concern and fix them after checking proper. Therefore, fix your problem immediately with the tech experts.