A Quick And Simple Step-By-Step Guide On “How To Fix The Error 0x80070643?”

A Windows user getting the error 0x80070643 on their PC screen means that their computer is vulnerable to damage. It mostly occurs during updating Windows applications. When the user tries to active Windows 7, then the error code prompts on their system screen. But, this is very common for Windows users to face this error during the installation of certain applications. It occurs when the user installs Windows Live Essentials such as Microsoft Security Essentials.Net framework etc when they get this error they should fix it immediately so that they can use their files or applications with any problem.

If you are a Windows user and face a similar issue, then these guidelines will definitely help you to resolve the issue. Here, in this post, you will see the possible methods to get rid of this situation.

What are the Causes Behind the Windows Update Installation Error 0x80070643?

One of the major causes of the problem is the system file damages. There are also some other reasons which are responsible for the 0x80070643. Some of them are:

  • Due to DLL files are missing, the problem might arise.

  • The system gets infected by the virus or malware.

  • Incomplete installation of the latest system update, the error code 0x80070643 might appears.

Once you know the reasons behind the error code, learn how to solve the issue with some effective solutions.

Prominent Methods to Resolve the Error 0x80070643

There are several different types of solution for error 0x80070643. But you need to follow the proper way to get rid of the problem. Here we are providing a simple and step-by-step process in order to fix the issue:

Solution No. 1: Install the Latest .Net Framework

During the system updates, .Net Framework plays an important role. But by any chance, the files are missing or corrupted, then you may fail to install the Windows update. Hence, you need to download the updated version of .Net Framework from the official website of Microsoft. To perform the action follow the steps that are mentioned in the section below.

  • At first, visit the official website of the Microsoft and search for the.Net Framework.

  • After that, click on the updated version of .Net Framework and download the file and save it on the C drive.

  • Meanwhile, double-click on the downloaded version and follow the on-screen instructions to install the latest version of .Net Framework.

  • After finishing the installation process, run the Windows Update again and check whether the error still persists or not.

Solution No. 2: Run an SFC Scan on your Device

The install error – 0x80070643 can occur due to damaged or corrupted system files. To eliminate the error code, you have to run the System File Checker. It will scan the system files and find out the problems. The following guides will help you to complete the process:

  1. First, click on the Start menu and type cmd in the search bar.

  1. Next, right-click on the Command Prompt option and then select the Run as administrator option.

  1. A new window will pop up, type the sfc/scannow command. After that, hit the Enter button.

  1. After completing the process, a message will prompt on the system screen.

  1. Finally, restart the system and check if the error gets resolved.

Solution No. 3: Install the Updates Manually

You can update the Windows drivers manually. To do it manually, follow the steps as described in the section below:

  • At first, right click on the My Computer icon, a drop-down menu will appear on your computer screen. From the list, select the Properties option.

  • From the system window, check whether your operating system is a 32 bit or 64 bit.

  • After that, click on the Windows Update and check the updates that failed to install. Thereafter, move to the Microsoft Update Catalog and copy the codes that present in that section.

  • Finally, wait for the download to finish. After that, install the downloaded files and check whether the problem gets solved or not.

Solution No. 4: Update Windows Defender Antivirus Manually

Sometimes, the problem might occur due to Windows Defender Antivirus. You need to update it on a regular basis. You can fix the issue by updating the antivirus on your own:

  • To do that, first, move to the Microsoft official website. After that, download the updated version of Windows Defender Antivirus which matches the operating system that you are using.

  • Further, click on the file that you have downloaded and install the update on your device.

  • At last, restart the system and run the Windows Update. Once done, check the error code still persists or not.

Solution No. 5: Disable your Antivirus Software Temporarily

If you are using a third-party application on your device, then it is possible that the error code caused by the application. Hence, do not uninstall the program just disable the application for the time being and during that time try to install the updated version of Windows and check the error code appears or not.

To disable the antivirus, launch the application on your computer. After that, move on to the Settings option. From the Settings option, select Turn Off the Anti-virus option and select the time for what time do you disable the program.

Solution No. 6: Restart your Computer

Restarting the system is the common solution for any problem. You can also try to apply the process in order to fix the issue. After restarting the system, install the Windows updated version and check whether you have solved the error code 0x80070643 or not.


On the whole, with the help of the above solutions, you can easily fix the Windows Update Installation error 0x80070643 with ease. Read the discussed process thoroughly and apply them accordingly. It is recommended that, do not skip any steps while performing the process. In case, if you found any difficulties while doing this, just post your doubt in the comment section below and at the same time post if you have any suggestions or feedback.