Having Problem To Fix Avast Error 42144? Contact AVG customer Support For The Assistance

You experience Avast error 42144 when you try to install the Avast antivirus software. Due to this error, your system works slowly and even it may freeze.  And you also face some problem while running programs in the computer. We understand it is difficult to resolve Avast error 42144.

Therefore, we have introduced our Avast customer support for your assistance. We have extensive cybersecurity solutions for smoothening your Avast experience. All you have to do is dial our toll-free helpline number and register your service request.

 avast error 42144

Main Causes of Avast Error 42144

There are a list of reasons which create Avast error 42144 such as-

  • Incomplete Installation: When you do not install the Avast antivirus completely on your system, then you may face Avast error.
  • Corrupt Windows Registry: Corrupted Windows registry can also destroy the operating system in your computer which is another big reason behind this error.
  • Viruses and Malware: The harmful virus attack can cause any kind of error to your system.
  • Deleted System Files: If you delete a necessary file and folder by mistake it also can cause the Avast error.
  • Corrupt Downloads: When you download any corrupted file that also can create Avast error

Symptoms of the Error 42144

Avast error can freeze your PC. It also can stop any active program or shut down a certain process. The operating system may stop responding at times. Apart from these, it has been observed that system crashes frequently and wrong files get quarantined.

Some Easy Fixes To Resolve Avast Error 42144

It is important to sort out Avast error 42144 because your system may crash anytime for this error. So you must take some precautions and remedies to avoid the Avast error.

    • Repair your Windows registry: If the problem is related to your Windows registry, then you must recover it. Edit your Windows registry to avoid the Avast error. However, Windows registry entries must be edited with care. So, get in touch us our support for proper guidance and help.
    • A complete malware scan can solve this problem: There is a chance of malware attack which can destroy important files from your system. For that, you should perform a malware scan to your PC.
    • Regular clean up your OS junk with Disk Cleanup: Clear all the junk files from the computer because it can create the Avast error. So delete all the temporary files with the d9isk cleanup tool.
    • Keep updating your computer device drivers regularly: Update the old device driver because it can stop your system to run properly.
  • Undo all the recent operating system changes
  • Open your Windows system file checker: Scan your computer with the help of System file checker.


Try the mentioned steps and fix the Avast error 42144. If there is any other problem, dial our AVG Antivirus Support Service Toll-free Number +1-888-796-4002  You can also talk directly with our customer support representatives via our live chat option or email your service request at our registered support email address. We are always looking forward to assisting you.