How To Sell On AWS Marketplace?

From the past few years since the launch of the AWS Marketplace, Several software development companies earned a lot of profit as the AWS Marketplace proves to be very beneficial for them to provide potential customers. However, to sell on AWS Marketplace, the software development companies need to follow few steps to create an account on the AWS Marketplace. Therefore, to explain the process in more detail to set up the account on the AWS marketplace I have written few steps below, so let’s take a look.

How do I sell software on the Amazon Web Services Marketplace?

Depending on where you live or the type of software product you would like to sell on AWS Marketplace, you’ll need to go through a different signup phase.

Sign up for an account on AWS Marketplace by using the Marketplace Management Portal.

Simply go to the Marketplace management portal and start with registering on the AWS Marketplace once you’ve chosen to sell your software products on AWS Marketplace. To register on the platform, you are first required to include your personal information, like your name, company name, password, bank details, and so on. You can continue to set up an account and add software once you’ve filled in all of the necessary information.

Selling free software products: a step-by-step guide.

You can also sell your software product for free within AWS Marketplace; Although, regardless of whether you set a price for your software product or not, once you include it to AWS Market, you can market it on the AWS platform. In case you wish to sell your software for free, then you must follow a slightly different procedure.

You can only offer software that has a lot of useful features that can be used right away. A seller must also develop a well-defined customer service system and structure. Make sure the program is up to date and free of bugs or malware by upgrading it regularly. To market the software product effectively, a software development company must strive to follow all of the best practices and guidelines.

Selling paid software products: a step-by-step guide.

However, most of the software development companies want to sell their products for earning money instead of selling free of charge therefore, in case you want to set up a price for your software product then you need to follow the below instructions to market a paid software product effectively

First of all, to market a paid software product you first need to make sure that you are a resident of Australia, Bahrain, the European union, japan, New Zealand, Norway, UAE, UK, USA, ensure that you are a permanent resident of these countries or have running a business or organization in these countries above unless you’re not eligible to sell paid software in AWS Marketplace.

You are also required to add the information regarding your bank in the AWS marketplace to sell the paid software products.

In case you are a Non-US resident then you need to pay a VAT tax or GST tax. Apart from all these things you also need to give a W-8 form, registration number, and USA bank details.

To market software products, it is also needed to request on boarding by the Create case wizard for AWS Support.

Open AWS Marketplace management portal and start managing your Account.

Once you finish all the steps above then you’re able to handle and control all the procedures regarding your software product through the management portal of AWS Marketplace.


If you have your own software developing company and looking for a place to sell your software product then you must sign up with the Amazon web services Marketplace to market your product as it is a very useful platform and the process to set up the account on this marketplace is also very simple.