How To Fix HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error Issue?

HP is one of the most renowned brands among notebook manufacturers. It includes many different features from entry-level to high-end notebook computers. Due to its durability and reliability, HP products are praised by the users across the globe. But recently, HP users are complaining about some issues regarding their laptop. One of these issues is HP laptop cooling fan error.

If you see that your fan is making a loud buzzing sound and you’re getting errors, i.e., System Fan (90B), then cooling fan error occurs. Don’t worry if your laptop’s fan is causing trouble, you can find the required solutions to fix the fan error in this article.

Reasons Behind HP Laptop Cooling Fan Error

Nowadays, the HP laptop cooling fan error has become quite recurring complain. Due to this error, your laptop’s fan may start spinning faster and cause a loud noise. It can also result in heating the other parts in your laptop hardware.

The cooling fan inside your laptop might stop working, or there might be some loose contact with the fan and power source. There’s a chance it’s clogged with dust/paste. You can try to clean it but you will certainly at least need to take off the bottom cover to do this. There’s also a chance that it is burned out/failed, maybe as a consequence of dust. You can replace the fan if you can isolate the board or you can figure out how to detach it.

Easy Troubleshooting Steps for HP Laptop Fan Error

You can get rid of the HP fan error issue using the correct methods of solution. You can use the mentioned solutions of HP laptop cooling fan error, to fix it properly:

Primary Solution

  • When the message fan error 90B appears, just hit the Enter key to remove the pop-up alert. It will allow your Windows to reboot.
  • Shut down the system. After that, check out and clean the exterior vents. Just blow air through the vent openings as it will remove the deposits on the fan. Dust can prevent the internal cooling to work properly.
  • When done, turn on your laptop. If the error remains, continue the next steps.
  • Now, you need to perform a hard reset. It will help in resetting all the previous thermal values in the memory, and you can use your laptop again. Don’t forget to save your important files before starting the hard reset process.
  • Also, you can try updating the BIOS. In some cases, it helps to fix the HP laptop fan error problem.

Alternate Solution

Apart from the above method, you can try cleaning the internal components or replacing the fan system if necessary. Also, you can use this method to resolve the cooling error :

  • As the dust accumulation on your fan can cause this error, you should thoroughly clean the dust from the internal cooling parts of your laptop.
  • Check the connections. Make sure that the connection between the cooling fans and the motherboard is in the right order.
  • Check whether the laptop fan blades spinning at the recommended speed and not making any loud noise.
  • If there is any heating issue, then it will be better if you remove the old thermal compound from the integrated circuits and heat sinks. Get new thermal compounds to minimize the heating effect.

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