iPhone Cannot Be Synced Error 54 : Get Best Tech Guide With Baba Support

It is quite possible for you to receive an alert message while using iTunes to sync your iPhone, the message shows – ‘The iPhone cannot be synced error 54.

You may face this issue while using your iPhone to backup, restore or sync your iPhone, iPad. The iTunes sync error 54 stops you from transferring the data. In this article, you will get to know about iPhone error 21. In fact, queries like ‘iPhone cannot be synced unknown error occurred (-54)’ are quite common. In this blog, we’ll try to clarify everything.

iPhone cannot be synced error 54


In case, you have some other issues regarding your iPhone, get in touch with us. You can rely on a tech support provider. You can get a reliable service from Baba Support. Their experts will let you know everything. Besides helping you get rid of iPhone cannot be synced error 54, they will prevent its recurrence.

What Are The Reasons For iPhone Error 54?

iPhone error 54 is one of the most common error people may confront when they try to update their iPhone software. Sometimes people think this type of error is related to authorization and administration problems.

When you connect your iPhone with your computer, you have to allow access, change or transfer all the information stored on your iPhone to your computer. Then, you can simply sync after clicking the OK button present on the alert message.

In case the sync process won’t start, check out the following reasons:

  • The iTunes app was corrupted at the time of download or is not completely downloaded.
  • The iTunes on your computer isn’t the latest version.
  • Due to iOS update failure, your iTunes files were corrupted.
  • You have not upgraded your device to the latest iOS.
  • The program related to iTunes got deleted or damaged.
  • Due to virus or malware function, your system files got corrupted.

How To Fix iPhone Sync Error 54?

Update iTunes And iOS to the Latest Version –

The iPhone won’t sync error 54 can occur if iTunes is not of the latest version. Hence, when iTunes error 54 appears, check the version of your iTunes.

Here’s you need to do to update iTunes:

  • Simply open your computer and connect it to the iTunes using the USB cable.
  • Tap to the ‘Help’ button, then just click on ‘Check for Updates’.

Here’s How to update iOS To the Latest Version

  • Simply Go to Settings App
  • Select the General option and then click Software Update

After that, you will find the latest iOS for your device just click Install button and update it.

iPhone cannot be synced error 54 | Check for The Responsible Content

Try to sync content in small quantities and then subsequently add more content again. In this way, you will get to know which content is causing the issue.

Secondly, if the issue is occurring due to iTune store content, then simply remove that content and just redownload the iTunes store. And if not, you need to delete and re-import the content from the primary source.

Additionally, the PDF records that may be in iBooks application or the devices can be the reason for the issue. So, first transfer those PDF records to your email address (to spare them) and expel it from the device to fix the issue.

Run iTunes with Administrator Access

This method can easily fix your iPhone error 54 and for this, you need to follow the below steps:

  • Ensure that you have signed into Windows as an administrator.
  • Right, click the iTunes symbol. Simply go to “Properties” and after that “Compatibility” tab.
  • Just select “Run the program as an administrator”.
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iPhone cannot be synced error 54

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