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Apple iPhone is renown for its unique and feature-rich innovation. Starting from the very beginning its continually capturing the top position in the global market. Be it performance or the built quality and design no other smartphones can beat its presence. Now when we are talking about iPhone Upgrade Program, the first question that usually comes to mind, ‘What is it’?

Well, let’s take a look at the program.

iphone upgrade program

What Is Apple iPhone Upgrade Program?

This is a unique service provided by Apple to its customer. You can use this service to finance your phone for a set equal amount each month. The tenure can go as high as 24 months of payment. Although, if you want you can upgrade to the new Apple iPhone model after the 12th payment is over. The most exciting part about it, there will be no extra fee for the process.

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Now here are the relevant queries that you should ask before using the program.

Do they Cover All Apple iPhone models?

Sadly, they are not covering all the iPhone models. If you want to use the program, then you need to buy the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X. Currently, they are opening with the older version of iPhone.

Is It Available everywhere? 

This is also depressing news for all iPhone users around the globe. They expanded their upgrading service to the UK and China as well. But they are not planning to expand their service to Canada or elsewhere. So basically yes, if your a resident in UK USA or China then the option is valid for you.

What are the required things you need to do, to sign up for this program?

This is a finance deal that you will sign with the Apple retail store. So you will need all the required details and documentation to complete two years, interest-free loan agreement. To be eligible, you need to be an 18+ citizen having a decent credit card is mandatory.

How to Sign Up For This Agreement?

You have the option to buy your iPhone directly from Apple iPhone online store. Or you can directly visit the local iPhone store. And then buy the product in person.

Is it Possible to Buy Two iPhones?

Yes, surely you can. But for this, you have to get into two separate contracts, each one for each iPhone you choose. Please keep that in mind, making two deal means; you have made two separate payment each month, no matter if the amount is going to the same place.


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iphone upgrade program

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