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Time Machine is the best Mac backup software that one can get. It requires nothing but a separate storage device to save your hourly, weekly as well as monthly backups. But keep in mind- it will only save changes after your last backup. So your backups must be done within short intervals.

Mac Backup Software

Not only does it take less time but also does not consume much space on your device’s storage since it is saving changes that you’ve made after your last backup. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that all new changes will wipe out the older ones. Time Machine saves numerous versions of every file making it easy for you to locate your files in case you have changed your mind, making it the best Mac backup software.

What are the things you’d need for the Mac backup software?

To begin with, get updated to the latest version of Mac OS. However, it can also be done if your Mac is working with Mac OS X Leopard. You can use Time Machine to backup to your server on your network.

You will require a large external storage, a USB, Firewire or any other hard drive which your Mac can connect to through a WiFi.  

How to set up Time Machine on Mac?

Follow these quick and easy steps to get Time Machine set up on Mac:

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  • Connect the storage device and your Mac.
  • Click on Use as Backup Disk when you get a pop up confirming if you want to use the drive with Time Machine. (You can go to System Preferences and then confirm in case you don’t receive the notification).
  • Choose the storage device you want to backup.
  • You can also encrypt your backup for which you would need a password to access your files later.

You can also create a shortcut for Time Machine as a Time Machine icon. If you don’t find this icon, go to ‘System Preferences’ and then choose Time Machine. After that, choose ‘Show Time Machine’ in Menu Bar.   

As we’ve already said before, Time Machine backups do not take much time. If this is your first back up well then it might be a bit time-consuming. Otherwise, it’s just a few minutes.

Besides Time Machine, you can also use Carbon Copy Cloner a free Mac cloning software. It has been the most favorite of Mac and is a must-be in every Mac device. It is used for creating bootable clones as well as create full backups or scheduled backups or backup to any network that Mac can connect to.

Time Machine is the best and inexpensive software that you can use for backing up your files and folder. Next time when you think of backing up your files on Mac, simply choose Time Machine and go ahead.  

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We have already given you a few steps to guide you to backup Mac using Time Machine. If you still face any difficulty, contact tech experts from Baba Support for guidance by calling them on our toll-free number ++1-888-796-4002