How To Solve McAfee Firewall Blocking Internet: Fix it With Easy Steps From BabaSupport

McAfee Firewall provides the solutions which deliver anti-malware protection, with network security, database security, cloud security, etc. Despite such amazing features,  McAfee Firewall Blocking Internet issue is quite common among McAfee users.

So in this blog, you will find some exciting and easy tips on how to overcome this problem without hassle. Still, if you have any other issues, you can stay in touch with BabaSupport to get the tech help immediately.

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About McAfee Firewall

McAfee Firewall Blocking Internet

McAfee security gives the most effective way for consumers around the world to protect their data. Firewalls are software programs or hardware devices, which filters the information coming through the internet connection to your computer.

A Firewall examines every information between your devices and the Internet. Firewall is a network security system, which controls all incoming and outgoing network traffic. It permits traffic from other trusted network. A firewall provides full protection for your computer and your McAfee data. McAfee protects your computer from hacker probes and attacks. You can customize this firewall to your own security needs.

McAfee Firewall Blocking Internet Connection – Here’s What You Need To Do

Sometimes you are not able to access your internet after installing McAfee Security suite, cause the McAfee firewall blocks your access to the internet. Personal Firewall can’t configure your network automatically. If you have another firewall installed, then this problem can happen. The solutions are as follows:

> Step 1 – Determine Application Access:

  • At first double-click the M (McAfee) shield icon in your taskbar.
  • Press Web and Email Protection.
  • Select the Firewall link.
  • Then make sure that in the Firewall options window, the Firewall is On.
  • Select the Program Permissions drawer.
  • If you have created any application rules, especially block regulations, scroll through the list.
  • You have to allow the outbound access to any programs, which require network connectivity.


> Step 2 – Restore Firewall defaults:

  • Press Restore Defaults. But you have to remember one thing that after resetting firewall defaults, it will erase all your custom settings, and you will not get any warning at the time of using the Restore Defaults button.
  • After clicking Restore Defaults button, you might be requested by the Security Center for network or application permissions. Be aware when you confirm your local system, and make sure that you select the Home button.

McAfee Firewall blocking internet

If you still can’t access the Internet, you can disable McAfee Personal Firewall temporarily to test your Internet Connection. The steps are as follows:

  • At first double-click the M (McAfee) shield icon in your taskbar.
  • Press Web and Email Protection.
  • Select the Firewall link.
  • Press the Turn Off button in the Firewall options window. Then McAfee Firewall will confirm with a pop-up message that you want to disable the service.
  • After choosing the resume time press Turn Off. After completing this step, your security status will change from green to red.
  • Now check your Internet connection. After testing, restart your computer.

Well, these are the most straightforward solutions by which you get McAfee Total Protection if McAfee Firewall blocks Internet access.

McAfee Firewall blocking internet


McAfee Firewall Blocking Internet Connection – BabaSupport Can Help

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