Netgear Router Keeps Dropping : Prompt Troubleshooting Tips

You enable Guest Networks to allow your guest’s users to access your local network. Thus, in the process, many of you face that your Netgear router keeps dropping wifi. Some users say that Netgear router drops internet connection periodically. Whereas, other groups of users complain that Netgear router keeps disconnecting or keeps draining internet.

This situation can arise due to various factors. But don’t worry as we are here. You can go through the reasons for this error, thus, enabling you to get an idea of the possible causes. This will lead you to resolve the error of router whenever it occurs the next time, only by yourself. Else, you can ask for assistance from our Customer Care to fix it.

Netgear Router Keeps Dropping

Possible causes of Netgear router keeps dropping

This scenario can happen because the location of your Netgear router is not able to access wifi. Signal congestion in internet connection will also slow down the performance of your router. If your router does not support the existing band of your internet such as 5GHz, choose the right band. When unauthorized devices access your wifi, they slow down your network. If your router does not have dual or triple band capabilities, then it would keep dropping internet. An older version of your router’s firmware will also cause this issue. Other devices in nearby your router such as cordless phones, Bluetooth speakers, microwave ovens or baby monitors can affect your wifi. The reason behind this is that radio signals from these electronic devices can interfere with the wifi connection.

Hardware problems also exist in some cases. If the device driver is missing on your computer, then your router will not work accurately. If you are using a wrong or unsecured wifi network, then this problem will emerge. Another circumstance which can be commonly sighted is that your computer has incompatible software packages. It modifies the networking capabilities of the operating system. The problem can lie with the primary features of your router. A wireless router or a network card is often the problem creating factor.

Ways to resolve Netgear Router keeps dropping

An effective way to troubleshoot your problem is to connect with us. Specifically, any hardware issue requires a technologically sound solution.

You can use a different channel to access wifi due to signal congestion in the existing one. Uninstall any incompatible software if any, and install the software which is compatible with your device. Change the location of your router and check whether it solves the problem. Upgrade your router’s firmware and your computer’s operating system. Keep your device away from electronic devices. Update the device drivers for your system.

Reboot your computer and restart your router to fix this issue. Check your wireless power setting to see whether your computer shuts off the wireless connectivity after a certain amount of idle time. If you find this setting, then disable this setting. Select the correct wifi range for your router and your router. Check your security to forbid any unauthorized device from accessing your wifi connection.

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Netgear Router Keeps Dropping

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