How to Syncing Asus Router With NTP Server Router? Reach Baba Support Now!

How to Sync Asus Router With NTP Server Router?

Asus router is one of the best available routers in the market. The router is designed to satisfy the need and requirement for both professional as well as home use. It is a widely chosen router brand in terms of performance and network coverage. Recently, most of the Asus users have raised a query “How to sync Asus Router with NTP server router?” Here is some basic information you will find helpful.

What Is NTP server router?

NTP is the abbreviation of Network Time Protocol, used by the internet to synchronize the computer clock. Sometimes it seems to be difficult to implement NTP for many users. It is important to set an even time for the computers you are using. Otherwise, you may sometimes face trouble detecting the exact time.

Using the NTP server sometimes may appear to be tricky. So it is not unusual if you face a problem with NTP Server for Router. In that case, you can contact our experts, we are sure to solve your queries in no time. Our professionals are experienced enough and can handle issues with perfection. As a matter of fact, we resolve the Network time protocol server issue for Router, on a regular basis.

 NTP Server Router


Sync Asus Router with NTP server Router- Follow These Steps

Complete the steps you should not face any such problem. For more detail information you can get in touch with us. Our professional executives are always ready to answer any queries you have.


  • First, you need to log in to the web interface of the router. Go to the browser on your computer and in the address bar type the destination. In the administrative page enter the default username and password.


  • Go to the administrative section in the bottom of the window, click on the system and then go to the basic configuration section.


  • Now set the time zone in the field under basic configuration section. Please make sure you have entered the valid time zone and correct time to set the accurate time.


  • Then enter the domain name or IP address in the NTP server for router field and again click on next to proceed.


  • Now you are all set, please recheck the settings and make sure the values are all correct. Then you need to apply the changes and to make all the changes applied. Restart the router and the computer to reflect the accurate time.

Baba Support Experts Can Help You 

If the router still not reflecting the time, then no need to worry about it. Sometimes, it takes time to make the changes, it can happen due to a wrong input of time zone. In that case, you can try the process again, this may take several times. If you want a speedy solution, get in touch with Baba Support experts at their toll-free number: +1-888-796-4002 and they are assured to resolve the issue in just a flicker of time. So directly talk to senior executives or chat with or support executives anytime you want to resolve any NTP Server Router issue.