Facing quick heal update error 1002? Resolve in simple steps

Quick Heal is one of the leading antivirus companies providing all-around security for your precious gadgets. It is widely popular and user-friendly. Thus, it is used both in the professional and personal front. But, in recent times, Quick Heal update error 1002 is creating quite a hassle. Many faithful customers are unable to update Quick Heal. They encounter error code 1002.

We shall be discussing the Error 1002 in the section that follows.

quick heal update error 1002

Decoding Quick Heal update error 1002

Quick  Heal is a known brand used by parents, teenagers, tech-savvy people. It shows the error 1002 when it is unable to upgrade to the next version. The issue can be perceived when you receive –

  • An alert “unable to update quick heal error code 1002”. At that point in time,  Quick Heal suddenly stops downloading in the Windows page.
  • Even after refreshing the page, closing down the other tabs, the error message repeats itself.
  • Changing the internet connection or wifi connection does not help. After switching to a new connection, the error message pops up.
  • In addition to it, the threat comes during a specific hour. The machine slows down. It takes a longer time for the keyboard to respond to typing. In the worst scenario, the machine shuts down on its own.
  • The error 1002 stops the active window tab from working. The computer or desktop crashes and stops every time the same program is playing. Note, the alert is displayed during the installation process.

What are the causes behind error codes?

In a nutshell, Quick Heal Antivirus sends error codes when it fails to update itself. The common reasons can be-

  1. The updated file or folder is corrupt or incomplete. It can happen due to a fault of network or interwork malfunction. This slows down the download complications. In this regard, slow servers are a cause.
  2. The user is downloading, updating and uploading wrong files. A common bug can also be the threat.
  3. Harsh internet or wifi connection is intervening with live streaming.
  4. The software is not installed completely. An alert is likely to occur if you deleted the important file by mistake.

Quick tips to unfollow the command” unable to update quick heal error code 1002″

Now that you know why the problem occurs and the reasons behind the error code, some tips must be kept in mind to remove the technical glitch.

  • Check the internet connection that you’re on followed by the updating of the desktop server can come in quite handy.
  • Clear the cookies.
  • Use control+shift+delete keys to get to the exact place where you can easily dump all your browsing data, rendering your system free from them.

Get instant support with Quick Heal

Quick heal support system assists all the users facing any issues while processing the work at hand. Quick heal update error 1002 can pose itself as quite complicated to fix. If the above quick tips weren’t much of help to you, it would be much more efficient to call us. We, Quick Heal Support, assists you from the core level. We try to provide with the possible solutions. Our Quick Heal support number is +1-888-796-4002 To know more about us you can mail us. We will be happy to help you. You can approach us at your convenient time.