How To Reset Apple Airport Extreme- Fix Easily With BabaSupport Team

Apple Airport has a lot of features that have helped it earn a vast customer base. Despite such high-end features, it is not immune to glitches. So here we are helping you out solve the resetting issue with some easy steps. If you are unable to perform the same, feel free to get in touch with BabaSupport. Their team of experts is here to help you out. Even if there’s some other issue regarding your Apple Airport router, you can reach out to them immediately. If you are searching for some trusted ways to reset apple airport extreme easily, then they can help you with all the support services you require in the process. For this, you need to reach us through our various mediums of contact, and you are good to go.

How to reset apple airport extreme?

There are quite a few methods that are beneficial for resolving the issue regarding the issue. To help you with trying out the primary way to reset apple airport extreme, here are two of the best ideas-

Reset Apple Airport Extreme1

Easy reset

Also known as the soft reset process, it includes some steps that are entirely elaborated in nature. To make sure the complete process is done without any glitch, make sure to check for the network and power connection.

  • Step 1

Starting with the first step, begin the process by disconnecting the ethernet cable from the transceiver. Open the option of system preferences by clicking on the network.

  • Step 2

Select the option of Airport from the list of connections and click on advanced settings button.

  • Step 3

In this step, you have to choose either TCP or IP tab and later configure the IPv4 by using DHCP.

  • Step 4

Next, you need to keep pressing the base station and save the new changes done in your system. If you do not hold the alterations, then it will go back to the original configuration.

Also, note that continuously pressing the button will change the settings to hard reset and to check this you will see rapid blinking of the device lights.

Create an ideal network that will be compatible with the base station and save the needful in a folder. Make sure to enter the necessary passwords for the system, access control and so on. Also, make sure to update it to the latest date as this will upgrade the settings as per the changes made.

After all the steps are completed, plug back the system, and all the desired changes will be saved in settings. You can also try to reconnect it back to the network by attaching the ethernet cable once again.  

Reset Apple Airport Extreme

Hard reset

After you complete the steps above where you need to access the advanced settings option, press and hold the reset button. This will do a hard reset on your system after it stops flashing the LED light of the indicator, release the button and it will reset apple airport extreme.

Apple airport extreme reset is a bit of troublesome method and requires expert assurance to resolve the errors. Thus, if you are not much into handling technology-related products, then it is better to contact a specialist support executive who will offer immediate help with resolving all the troubles without any trouble.

BabaSupport can help you with Reset Apple Airport Extreme

Reset Apple Airport Extreme2

To get the best possible solutions for your trouble in the process to Apple airport extreme, you need to reach out to them. For that, utilize any of the following modes of contact-


Dial BabaSupport phone number for Apple AirPort: +1-888-796-4002  whenever you want help with your technical errors, and we will help you within no time.

Live Chat 

They also provide you the option of connecting with them through their live chat forum. Talk to the experts live on support portal and resolve your technical hassles within no time.


You can also share your technical errors by dropping them an email writing all your troubles in it.

BabaSupport executives are always active and waiting attentively to assist you with all the technical aids. Contact with them right now and overcome your technical troubles at the moment.