How to Reset Epson Ink cartridge | Easy Ways To Resolve It With Baba Support

How to reset Epson ink cartridge is a question that has been mostly asked by Epson printer users. The biggest cost users incur is buying new cartridges for their inkjet printers. To curb these expenses, we have found a way you can use the refilled Epson ink cartridges in your printers.

To use the refilled cartridge, you will have to learn how to reset Epson ink cartridge or You can simply call us for a step by step guide on doing this. The Epson printer tech team will instantly be available for your help at Baba Support.

Why Do You Need To Reset Ink Cartridge?

Every Epson ink cartridge comes with a smart chip. Epson has been using these chip in their inkjet cartridges since 2000. These chip tells your printer when ink runs out. So, you have to buy the new cartridges. Even if you have forcefully refilled them, the chip makes your printer remember that the cartridges are empty.

With the reset option, you can use the refilled cartridges yet again in your Epson printers. This will reduce the cost of using the printer a lot since you don’t need to buy the new cartridges anymore.

Reset Epson Ink cartridge

How To Reset Epson Ink cartridge?

There are a few ways through which you can do Epson ink cartridges reset. You can use a printer reset tool, a software reset tool or with a paperclip. We will be discussing each way here.

Using Epson Printer Reset Tool:

  • Remove the ink cartridges from the printer.
  • Align the cartridges with the marks on the reset tool base.
  • Press the pins on the reset tools firmly against the chip of the cartridges for a few seconds.
  • The red light will blink showing the cartridge has made a good contact with the resetter.
  • Wait for the green light to blink. It indicates the cartridges have been successfully reset.

With The Software

  • SSC service utility program is a freeware from where users can download and install a software to manage the Epson printer. Resetting the cartridge chip is one among many functions it offers. The program supports many Epson printer models, however, some might not respond to the software. You can also reset the cartridge using a paper clip.

Reset Epson Ink Cartridge With Paper Clip

  • Remove the ink cartridges and closely examine its base. Near the copper contacts at the end, you will find a tiny reset button. In some models, these buttons can be found in the centre above the copper contacts. Use a paperclip and press the reset button for a few seconds. After you have reset all the cartridges, insert them properly in your printer. They are ready to be used.

Reset Epson Ink cartridge

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