How To Reset Google Wifi- You Should Try Today?

Reset Google Wifi

If you’re utilizing a Google WIFI router, then you might find that you need to reset it at some point.

Perhaps you’d prefer to reset the Google WIFI password, however, you can’t log into the router, or you simply want to return it.

So, here is the step-by-step guide on how to reset the Google WIFI router safely and securely as suggested by the manufacturer.

How to Reset Google WIFI Router – Getting Started

Here are the simple as well as straightforward instructions for resetting Google WiFi! Check out the instructions and perform it on your own!

Initially, you need to be sure that your Router is Powered as well as Online!

You can’t reset the router if it isn’t connected and turned on. Therefore, you need to be sure that the router is plugged into the outlet & completely turned on before resetting it!

Well, you can tell the status of the Google WiFi router by the light strip at the center.

  • Well, no light means the router is possibly not attached into the power socket. You can also turn off or disabled the light indicator from the Google Home application.
  • And when it comes to the intermittent white light, it means the router is turning up. Allow It a few seconds in order to fully boot up before moving towards the resetting!
  • The strong and stable white light indicates that the device is on & functioning in the correct manner! 
  • The system will show one kind of yellow light while it is resetting.
  • And when it comes to the red light means the router has certain severe errors & possibly requires it to be reset.

You may also check if your router is on through the Nest application. Invoke the application on your router & see if the device is showing up on the active router list.

If you had set up the router device, you can also find if the WIFI network is showing on the network list.

How to reset google wifi (2 Methods)

There are 2 simple and straightforward approaches: you can reset the Google Wifi router. You will be able to reset it utilizing the reset button on the Google Wifi  router or utilizing the Google Home application.

The very first way is the simplest & can be useful if the device is inaccessible via the network & can’t be displayed on the Home application.

Both approaches will clear the router & get rid of the settings.  But, utilizing the application will assure that all your data is erased & the device eradicated from the device list.

You might require to eradicate the WiFi router manually from the device list if you utilize the hardware reset option.  Google will also delete usage data collected from the router after six months.

Method 1- Utilize the Hardware Reset Button

This method involves pressing a physical button to reset the router. The reset button is located at the bottom of the Google WIFI router and is usually the only button there.

After you’ve made sure that the router is powered and on standby, locate the reset button and press and hold it for about ten seconds.

Pressing and holding the physical reset button will turn the router’s indicator yellow. This indicates that the router has detected that you want to do a factory reset.

Wait until the yellow light stops flashing and turns solid yellow before you release the reset button. However, be careful not to hold the button for more than ten seconds as this will prevent the router from resetting.

If you inadvertently exceed the ten seconds, then you will need to unplug the router, plug it back and wait for at least a minute before retrying.

Wait for the router to complete the reset process. It should take approximately ten minutes for the reset process to complete.

The light indicator will pulse white to indicate that the device is in its factory setting and ready to be set up.

Method 2- Reset the Router Using the Home App

This procedure is suggested since it not only clears off the router but also eradicates it from the device list & removes its data from Google cloud storage as well!

But, you can only utilize the application if the router is still working in the correct manner & connected to the application through the network.

The Procedure

Well, resetting the Google WIFI router through the Home application is pretty simple as well as straightforward! You just need to follow the undermentioned instructions in the correct manner to get the best result!

  • The very first thing that you need to do is to invoke the Google Home application on your tablet or smartphone.
  • Afterwards, try to find out the WIFI router that is on the list of devices & once you locate it, just proceed to hit on it. Now, choose the option named “settings”.
  • Once you open the Settings Section, you will find a lot of options out there! Here, you need to find out the option titled as “Factory reset WIFI point & simply click on it then move towards the “factory to reset ”. When you are done with this step, the application will ask you if you’re confirmed about this! Just hit the option titled “Yes” in order to begin the resetting procedure. Here, you need to keep in mind that the router indicator will automatically turn solid yellow unless the whole resetting process gets over! 

Be sure you’ve kept a physical backup of all your router settings before you move towards the factory reset on your router. Here, you need to bear in mind that factory reset will clear out each and every data & set the router to its default stage. Therefore, it is really very crucial that you take the backup then proceed with the factory resetting process!

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The Bottom Line

That’s all about “How To Reset Google Wifi- You Should Try Today?”. Thanks for reading this guide! And hopefully, now you are accustomed to how to reset google wifi

In case, you find any sorts of difficulty or problem while resetting the Google WiFi, then you can take professional assistance! For this type of technical case, a professional can be the best person who can guide you in the best manner!