Easy Steps To Reset Verizon Router And Protect Your Router From Hackers| Contact Baba Support For InstantAssistance

You can be underexposure! A Verizon Router Hacker might be planning to expose you out of your own network. The worse is, they can even manipulate your internet usage. Well, nothing to worry, we are here help you out. The best option that you can choose is to Reset Verizon router. If you are using Verizon default password, you are actually leaving your front door open for hackers.

Here, we have some quick and easy steps which will help you change Verizon router password and keep your router secured. You can choose any of the following steps to change your Verizon password-

  • If you have the My Fios app, then first select the Internet option, now you choose the  Network settings under the ‘My Network’ option. Select edit to make necessary changes. Yet, if you find your WiFi access disabled, you will have to enable the private access setting.


If you don’t have My Fios App, download it right away.

An Alternative Method To Change Verizon Router Password

  • You can also use your Verizon Fios Advanced Router and login to ‘My Verizon’ to change the password and WiFi name. Start with going through the ‘services’ option, there you will have to choose ‘Internet’. Now, select a network to manage the settings. Now you can enter your credentials and ‘save changes’.


  • If you don’t have My Fios App or Verizon Fios Advanced Router no need to panic. You can still change your password manually. To do so, open your browser and sign in with your username and password. You will find the default router name and password on your router label. Enter the new password and save.

Usually, people tend to restore the default factory reset settings if none of the solutions works. But, won’t that step make all your data vanish? Why don’t you have a word with our Verizon Router Experts and let us help you out?

We have crafted some of the most suitable solutions to help you out of this situation. You can always get in touch with our team and make use of the unique methods without having to reset the default settings.

However, in order to reset your Verizon router to factory defaults-

  • Switch the power on and wait for the Power LED on the front panel to turn green. Press and hold the reset button for 10 seconds using the pointed end of a paper clip. Now, release the reset button and your router will be rebooted automatically within 15 seconds.


Change The Verizon Default Password

In case your router doesn’t reboot automatically in 15 seconds, you will have to try manually rebooting it. First, unplug the power adaptor cord at the wall socket, or the rear panel of the router. Reconnect your Internet connection to the Verizon site. If a new website is displayed on the Window then, your issue is solved.

Yet, if you are unable to connect, keep checking your router connections.

Well, these were the few steps which will be handy to reset Verizon Router as well as change the Verizon default password in order to keep it secured If you face any difficulty you can surely get in touch with tech professionals at Baba Support. They are always here to assist you.

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 Reset Verizon Router

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