Brilliant Methods To Fix Google Drive Error 1603

Google drive error 1603 is an uncertain issue that arises at the time of installing a program if it already exists on your system at a different location. Or, the problem can even arise if the system account does not have full control permissions on the folder on which you want to add the Windows Installer package. If you are encountering this error on your system, don’t worry, and try to proceed with the methods as explained in this article. This article will properly guide you for fixing error 1603 with the help of the appropriate solutions.

Why Google Drive Error 1603 Appears?

There can be several reasons for the error 1603, which are as follows:

  • Windows Installer attempts to install an app which already exists on the system.
  • Malware and virus attack
  • If the folder you are trying to install was encrypted earlier with the Windows Installer package.
  • A lack of control of the SYSTEM account on the folder you are trying to add the Windows installer package.

How to Resolve Google Drive Error 1603?

Here, in this section of this article, we will provide the complete solutions for the error code 1603. Hopefully, after following the instructions mentioned in this article you will be able to get rid of this error. Let us not waste time, and proceed to the solutions.

Method 1: Reset Registry Entries

Corrupted registry entries can be the cause for the Google drive error 1603. Because it (registry entry) has a very important role in controlling the Google Drive application. However, if this is the reason, then, you can proceed with this method to fix it.

First of all, press the four flag symbol Windows and the letter R keys together from your keyboard. This will open the Run command bar. After that, tap the Backspace key once, this will clear the Run bar. Then, on this empty Run bar type ‘services.msc’ and hit the Enter button. On doing this, you will get the Services window open on your desktop screen. After that, navigate to the Registry Entries, right-click on it, and select Reset from the available options. After doing this, hopefully, you will be able to fix the Google Drive error 1603.

Method 2: Run a Complete Scan

If any threatening files get in your system, then this may result in Google Drive error 1603. And, to resolve it, you need to use an authenticated antivirus software in your system. Presence of antivirus software is always recommended to keep your system protected. After running a complete scan using antivirus software, you may find that your system has recovered from the error 1603. And, if you find that the error still exists then continue the method mentioned below.

Method 3: Uninstall and Reinstall Google Drive

If during installing a program (Google Drive), you find that it shows that the program already exists on your device. And, at the time you are trying to open it, you are getting an error or restriction issue. If this is the case, then proceed with this method, which will work great to fix it, and are as follows.

Uninstall Google Drive

To begin with, first, open the Settings window. And to do this, right-click on the four flag symbol Windows key, which is located at the bottom left corner of the screen. On doing this, a menu window will open. Select the Settings option from here. After that, from the menu list click, on Apps. Then, from the left-side panel, choose Apps & features. This will list all the installed system apps of your system. Among these apps list, search Google Drive and after you get it, highlight it by clicking on it. After selecting the Google Drive select on Uninstall, which will remove the Google Drive from your system. Next, proceed to the steps as given below to fix the Google Drive error 1603.

Download and Reinstall Google Drive

Launch a browser of your choice and by using it, navigate to the Google Drive downloading page. And by checking all your system requirements download the Google Drive for your device. After the download completes, install it by following the on-screen instructions. After the installation of Google Drive completes, you can use it in its normal condition. In case, you are viewing an error during the installation process, then it may happen due to the permission error and to resolve it check the next section.

Steps To Allow Full Control permissions to the SYSTEM account

The steps are very easy to perform, for allowing the SYSTEM account permissions and are as follows.

First of all, open the File Explorer or Windows Explorer by pressing the Windows and the letter E keys at the same time. Next, right-click on the drive on which you want to install the Google Drive. After that, from the menu that appears, select the Properties option. Then, as the Properties window appears, tap on the Security tab. Next, ensure that the user names box contains the SYSTEM user account, and if not, then, you need to perform an extra job. And that is as explained in the paragraph that follows.

To add the SYSTEM account, click on Edit under User Account Control. Next, tap on the Add icon, this will open the Select Users or Groups dialog box. After that, in the space for the objects names type SYSTEM and then click on Check names> OK.

Further, to modify permissions, click on Edit on the User Account Control window. Then, select the SYSTEM user account and check the Permissions whether the Full Control section is set to Allow. And, in case, if you find that the Full Control settings are not enabled then turn it on. After that, close the Permissions window, to get the Properties window back. From the Properties window, click on the Advanced tab. And choose the Change Permissions. This will open the User Account Control window. Now, under this Permissions tab select the SYSTEM entry. After that, click on Edit. Allow the permissions to all the subfolders. After these processes completes, now, you will be able to install Google Drive without any problem.

All these are the methods to allow to fix the Google Drive error 1603.

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